The Full 2016 Motion Notion Lineup Is Out And It’s A Beauty

Among other headlining acts, their second wave of artists includes: Vancouver’s finest ghetto funk and glitch master Slynk, the Whistler based house duo Case of the Mondays, Calgary’s own drum and bass boss lady Jams, house music innovator Esette, Canadian west-coaster and future bass aficionado Shylow, electro house Kelowna based Maxx Ammo, dubstep producer Skuzz, party rockin’ producer The Gaff and the underground fresh sound beatmaker Tha Funk Junkie  make up the latest addition to the fantastically eclectic Motion Notion 2016 line up.


Adham Shaikh – Aphrodite – Atyya – Au5 – Bear Grillz – Cain.1 

Case of the Mondays – Coming Soon!!! – Danny Byrd – Doctor Werewolf – Earthling

 Emok – Esette – Far Too Loud  – Fat Pat – Flatland Funk – Flavours – Funkanomics – Govinda Inf1n1te  – JackLNDN – Jams – JFB – Krafty Kuts – Longwalkshortdock – Love & Light 

Luke Mandala – Mad Maxx – Mark Instinct – Marten Hørger – Maxx Ammo – Peep This 

Perkulat0r – Phutureprimitive – Pigeon Hole – Sander Kleinenberg – Shylow – SkiiTour – Skuzz  Slynk – TC – Tha Funk Junkie – The Gaff  – Toyo -Wakcutt – Wmnstudies – Zodiac

Bass Workshop – Beatfarmer – Big Worm – Burchill – Chris Komus – Cooper Oversaucing 

Crooka – Crush Le Muck – CRUZ-AE – Crystal Fresh – Daitya – Das Booty – DGTL ENVY 

DJ Noiz – Dr Dance – Dreadnaught – Dubcat – Duplex – Eddie Santini 

Genesa Project & Kali Yuga – Illementree – JBurns – J Feud – JGirl & Manousos – Lenza Logisticalone – Lo Progression – Mat B –  MetaphOracle – Mihajic Touch & DJ Threesixty

 Ninjette – Nokturnal – Ohm Girl – Organic Manic – Paperkrayne – Paradigm Theorem

Parkz – Phonotactic – Poeta – Psyentifica – Dubcat – Robbie C – Rusty Meeks vs Kuana

Sleepwreck – Sonny Chiba – SPACE MANTRA – Spiral Architects – SUNDROP 

Super GNARLY – THAT AFRICAN – Toltek -Trevor Galore

MN17 POSTER-2 (1)


Betty & Kora’s Take-Over  |  Substation Recordings Showcase  | Wolfcastle’s Fun in the SUNday


C60 – Carrie Gates – Elfmaster – HFour – James – Parallx 

Pixelpusher – Sean Caruso – Snailpainter

Aside from hosting this diverse lineup of incredible artists, Motion Notion offers much more. Motion Notion’s picturesque, mountainous backdrop, sparkling riverside camping, and lush forest surroundings play host to many more offerings. The three main stages have all been completely redesigned with their own lineup of VJ’s and crystal clear PK Sound Systems. Additionally, various creative workshops, vendors and yoga make Motion Notion a wonderful place to reconnect with mother nature, the music and each other.

“The full lineup launch is one of the most exciting times of our year,” says Kevin Harper, Director of Motion Notion Music Festival. “It’s not only a chance for us to throw a few extra surprises your way with some bonus headliners, but also when we get a chance to bring to the forefront the amazing and unique talent we have within Western Canada.


This year we’re really focused on bringing some amazing daytime summer party vibes with 3 new ‘party-within-a-party’ shows put on by Betty and Kora, Substation Recordings and Wolfcastle. Each group will bring a unique flavour and theme to their day, and I couldn’t be more excited to experience the warmth they will all bring to the event.

With 3 new stage designs (and some kick-ass independent stages too!), new fun activities and adventures for all ages, extremely talented and unique performers and artists, some of the best vendors and workshops out there, and so much more that I don’t want to ruin the surprises on – this really is going to be our best year we’ve ever done. Don’t miss the chance to be transported to a beautiful world that inspires and delights for 4 amazing days and nights this July. We hope to see you there.”

Taking place at Beaverfoot Lodge, Golden, BC: British Columbia’s premier boutique music festival experience is running from July 21 – 25, 2016.  General Admission Tickets for Motion Notion Music Festival are priced at $270, with an option for an Early Entry Pass for $40 (gates open for early attendees at 11am, Thursday, July 21). More on ticketing prices and upgrades including access to flushable toilets and showers can be found at


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