“Shout It Out” is the long awaited second album from Featurecast and gad damn are we ever excited! Returning with more of Featurecast signature sounds – electronic party breaks infused with Funk, Drum & Bass, Soul and Hip Hop.  At the top of this silver-platter-serving of funk is the brand new super high vibes un-released track “Take it Down Low”. And guess what?!  WE’VE GOT AN EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF IT AND AN INTERVIEW FOR YA’LL!

Have you ever thought about throwing a party called the “Featurecast Monster Mash”?!

No, but it’s a great idea for Halloween! Any Canadian promoters out there take note. 😉

Who are your influences and who would be your dream artist to collaborate with in the future? 

My influences are pretty varied I would say. When I started out in music I was very influenced by US hip-hop and dance music from the UK. Groups like the Prodigy and Fatboy Slim were always huge inspirations to me as well as all the old funk & rock groups through the 60’s & 70’s which I’d discovered through Hip-Hop and sampling culture. Living in the U.K had a huge influence on me musically to as it’s always had an incredible electronic scene over the years; drum & bass, house, big beat, garage, breaks.  I almost feel kind of spoilt growing up around all these amazing sounds it was hard not to take influence from each of them. 

As for who I’d love to work with…that is always changes but at the moment I would have to say Hans Zimmer, he’s amazing. 

You have had the opportunity to play the legendary Shambhala Music Festival before. Can you tell us one of your best memories from your experiences there? 

Yes, and 2016 will be my 5th year playing and every year just gets better and better! I’ve always had so many great times and memories there but I think it’s always made up from the people. I’ve been touring Canada for quite a few years now and made a lot of great friends out here. Shambhala to me is the meeting point for the music scene and a place to catch up, so it’s always that aspect of the festival I love the most. 

You’ve been known to bring the funk with some serious splashes of mid-tempo breaks, dirty bass, Hip-Hop, and D&B. What can your fans expect to hear in your new album?

You can expect some Featurecast bangers on there for sure but then the album will take you in other directions through soul, funk, rock then into some hip-hop territory then when you think you have the album sussed into some drum & bass. It’s like my DJ sets I guess.

What was the most challenging thing about making your new album? The most rewarding? 

For me it was writing 12 tracks that were all totally unique. I wasn’t interested in writing an album of 12 songs that all used the same ideas, sounds and arrangements. I just wanted every track to be its own entity but also work as a body of work…..so I’d say that was the most challenging aspect of the whole project but I feel I achieved that and that feels rewarding. It’s something to be proud of and anything else on top is a bonus.

If you could be any animal for a day, what would you choose and why?

Easy; a sloth. So then I’d have the excuse to lazy around all day and sleep.

What was the strangest after-party you ever went to?!!?

I couldn’t possibly tell. 😉 


HUGE THANKS to Featurecast for taking the time to chat with us! Make sure you keep an eye out for his upcoming Canadian tour, and of course don’t miss him in the Fractal Forest at Shambhala Music Festival this year ❤

Vancouver Show with Neon Steve Link HERE!

Nelson Show with Bearded House Mafia Link HERE

❤ BK and Babe Brigade!


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