TONIGHT! Betty and Kora are helping to throw a party featuring the groovy excellence of Stickybuds, JPOD and Fort Knox Five featuring QDUP. On Thursday, Victoria got a preview of the action.


As we descended into Distrikt Nightclub, local acts BMID and The Funkee Wadd were getting the party started with a funky fresh duo set. Rolling in with Victoria rave gang, the Awesomealots, we made our way immediately to the dance floor where we posted up for a night of funky beats and copious move-busting. JPOD’s positive, upbeat, detailed soundscapes crossed genre boundaries but stayed funky at their core. Stickybuds maintained that funkified sound while incorporating a tasty selection of gnarly, dirty drum and bass. The vibe was so strong all night; all the homies had come together for an epic throw down that lasted until the house lights came on. Finally, to a resounding chant of “F*CK YEAH!” from the crowd, Stickybuds launched into an encore. “This is one of the best parties I’ve been to in this city!” Stickybuds called out over the microphone, “See you at Shambhala!”


As our crew spilled out onto the evening street, the headliners were hanging outside, mingling with fans and just being generally awesome and down to earth. If you are in Vancouver tonight, get the funk over to Harbour Event Center, because this show is not to be missed!

WORDS: Lauren DeGaine

PHOTOS: Xavier Photography

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