You know what we really dig over at BK, when two very talented bands form new projects. That’s right! The guys over at BESTiE and Tough Lovers have joined magical forces to form a new group ‘Leisure Club.’ So in true BK fashion, lets give these boys a double high kick, because we are into “Throw My Love Away,” the debut track from Leisure Club. Produced by WCMA Engineer of the Year, Ryan Worsley, this debut track has a real vibe to it. Almost reminiscent of late 1950’s surf rock mixed with new-age indie music. You can’t help but want to mix a pina colada for for your friends wearing a one-piece by a pool. Know what I mean?

Leisure Club will be playing a live show at El Cartel on May 6th, 2016, to support the release of the single. The band is also heading into the studio to record their upcoming 4 song EP with producer Shawn Cole, to be released later this year.

Leisure Club is the soundtrack to a day at the beach, cold beers battling the sun; a house party hazy with visions of friendly faces and memories in the making; wandering from park to park until the sun sets before hopping the fence to the outdoor pool.





Instagram: @leisurexclub

Twitter: @leisurexclub

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