The Funk Lives On In Fort Knox Five

FACT: Seeing a Fort Knox Five ft Qdup live set is good for your health and can significantly increase your serotonin levels. Now, we’re not doctors but we have attended multiple FK5 & Qdup shows in our time and the proof is in the pudding! We’re pretty damn happy all the time and healthy as a horse!

Come and fill your prescription for damn funky beats, booty shakin’ good times, and positive vibes coming out the ying yang Saturday April 23rd at the Harbour Event Center for Twisted Productions, Danio Management and Betty & Kora‘s mini festival in the city with Stickybuds, JPOD and you guessed it, Fort Knox Five ft Qdup.

Steve from FK5 and Jason “Qdup” caught the BK Babe Brigade up on all their happenings since last summer ahead of their slot this weekend.

You are ending your B.C. tour with Saturday’s show here in Vancouver. How has the tour been so far and what can we expect from team FK5 & Qdup at the Harbour Event Center?

We have had a blast so far as usual, playing packed shows in Whistler, Victoria (with Slynk, Illvis Freshly and the Funkee Wadd), Courtnay (with the Old Growth crew) and Squamish (with Crippledwheel). We love touring in BC, performing with our talented homies and getting to spend time with our good friends and fans we have met through years of touring here.

Next Saturday is going to be bonkers considering we are playing alongside Stickybuds and JPOD, who are two of our favorite artists and long-time friends. We couldn’t have picked a better way to end the tour than to blow the roof off VanCity and party down with you crazy cats! The last show we did in Vancouver was the epic Pop up Party last August, put together thanks to the talents of our amazing friends Wet Ape, Danio Management, Twisted, and the fabulous Betty and Kora, who not only threw the whole event together in 72 hours, but made it a night of music, celebration and energy that has yet to be matched! It was amazing to see the whole Vancouver scene come out and support music in such a positive way!

Pop up Party-93

We know it’s been a difficult year for the FK5 family with the passing of Jon Horvath this past summer. Has it been tough to keep the funky vibes alive?

In the wake of Jon H’s tragic passing we have been picking up the pieces and moving forward with Fort Knox Five and the label with a renewed sense of purpose and drive. In last few years Jon and I (Steve) were travelling the globe with a unique four deck live DJ set that incorporated mashed up acapellas and FX woven into original tracks, exclusive mixes and dance floor destroyers. To continue this pioneering direction, Steve has joined forces with long-time collaborator and friend, Jason “Qdup” Brown who has taken the energy level up and has been crushing it on the road.

Jason aka Qdup has been a very integral part of the continuation of the live show. For those who don’t know, can you speak to the re-brand of the live show and Qdup’s involvement in FK5 since 2015.

We felt it was important to re-brand the 4-deck set rather than just absorb Jason into FK5 since both groups will be continuing to write and release music separately. Doing the FK5 ft Qdup set has come really naturally. Jason, Jon and Steve were actually in a DJ crew in the pre Fort Knox Five days and spent many post rave weekends learning how to DJ together. With that much history behind us, it’s been effortless. We end up jamming and having fun like we always have. Both Qdup and Fort Knox Five separately have been championing eclectic genre bending funky music for years. With the passing of Jon last summer it was an obvious choice to merge the two and continue the legacy and tour the 4-deck set and we know Jon would be stoked that we are continuing to rock the house.

You released an onslaught of new remixes off the album Pressurize the Cabin from some pretty top-notch talented humans. What’s it like leaving the musical keys to the chevy in the hands of another artist? 

Last spring saw the release of Fort Knox Five’s second full-length album, Pressurize the Cabin and every song has been getting remixed and released as a single. We have enlisted friends and fellow funky electronic producers from around the globe to flip up the original tracks. The remixers read like a who’s who of contemporary funky electronica including; Deekline, DJ Dan & Mike Balance, Wes Smith, Worthy, Slynk, Neighbour, Ursula 1000, Skiitour, Dirty Dubsters, Mat the Alien, Sabo, Smalltown DJs, Basement Freaks, Omegaman, Bobby C Sound TV, Pumpkin, Qdup, Bart & Baker Warp9 and more!

It is always a treat to hear your favorite artists reinterpret your material taking the original parts and twisting it into new tempos and genres. We love remix culture and it’s exciting for us to be able to drop these remixes in our sets in unique ways that still has the core idea in it but allows us to play the tune in a different context. What might have started as a funk song can end up as a banging house track and that’s a good thing!

What does FK5 & Qdup have in the pipeline for all the homies, artists, and fans waiting for their funky fix?

Summer is almost here and we have a slew of festivals and touring set up including Boogaloo, Sonic Bloom, Northern Nights and Shambhala to name a few.

We are super excited about our newest original Fort Knox Five track, the stripped down funk banger “Don’t Go,” a collaboration with DC funk legend Sir Joe Quarterman who had his first hit in 1973. This song is being released to commemorate the third annual DC Funk Parade this year. A slice of DC through and through, combining styles and influences across the decades, “Don’t Go” is a sure fire booty shaking party starter! Also look out for the killer compilation of the Pressurize the Cabin singles from the last year coming out mid summer featuring some exclusive unreleased bangers.

Qdup has a ton of releases coming your way as well. Starting with the Funk Parade Mix which debuts the Quarterman tune. Qdup has several upcoming original productions and collaborations with artists such as Warp9 & Flex Matthews, MC Dash from Root Sellers as well as a fresh remix for French producers Prosper and Adam Polo.


Do you think we there will be a lot of ‘Jon Buns’ in the crowd Saturday night?

I hope so… Jon had a unique style and you could spot him a mile away at a festival. It does nothing but put smiles on our face to see people celebrate his funky legacy and spread the vibes!

Finally: do you prefer it shaken or stirred?

Shaken…. just like a good dance floor!



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