Stickybuds Wants To See You Hump Clap

Do you ever stop to think to yourself, “hmm I wonder what kind of hair regime Stickybuds uses to keep those locks of his looking so fly?” Wonder no longer friends because we have the answers! Next up in our amazing interview series ahead of Saturday’s mini festival in the city is the is the tall, dark and handsome Stickybuds.


You have managed to grow quite the long and luscious mane: 1- Does it have a name? 2- What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

Thanks! It doesn’t have a name and I use Phillip Adams Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo + conditioner, then a bit of coconut oil when I get out of the shower.

Please rate in order of stickiness. Your buds, gorilla tape, duct tape, shoe goo, maple syrup, hubba bubba.

Hmmm, all are quite sticky.



What other genres and artists do you enjoy that are different to what you play?

I like listening to a lot of chill out music and downtempo. Really digging the new Flamingosis album, music on the Cold Busted label and always Thievery Corporation.

What lesser known artists are on your radar right now?

Malux, Lack Jemmon, We Chief, Leo.

As a teacher and a producer, if there is one “life hack” you could share in regards to producing music, what is it?

The hardest part of writing music (for me) is getting past the procrastination part, so actually starting to write gets you past that. My life hack is just opening the DAW and getting to work.


You’re a touring machine having recently returned from Australia & NZ. What are the best and worst things about life on the road?

Best- Having tons of friends all over, see the world, travel and earn a living doing something really sweet.

Worst- It’s a bit lonely sometimes… I’m more of a alone type person. Still., you go from hundreds or thousands of people at your shows or at a festival, to being by yourself in hotels and planes and travelling all the time. It’s not that bad though. Also it’s hard to get into any sort of routine so it’s easy to get into some pretty bad and lazy habits.

If you ran for World President, what top 3 things would be on your political platform?

Well, the world needs less government, not more of it, and definitely not a world government. But, if I had the power to change some things in the world I’d take away the power to create currency from the banks, make usury illegal. I’d break up all the major monopolies in the world, overhaul the trade mark and copyright laws and make any public servants wage along the median income average, so anyone who worked in the government did it because they wanted to, not to get rich.

If you could see the entire crowd at the Harbour Centre on April 23rd doing one dance move, what would it be?

I’m a huge fan of the hump clap. So you thrust with your hips standing and do a hump, arms go to your sides, then on the reverse hump you clap.


Stickybuds w/ JPOD + Fort Knox Five ft Qdup at Harbour Event Centre | Grab your tickets here.


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