Grab Your Sombrero! We’ve Got The Lowdown On The Most Bueno Cinco De Mayo Vancouver Party!

On Saturday, May 7, 2016 (4 pm to 10 pm), at Robson Square (Plaza Level), Wet Ape Productions, Buena Onda and LatinCouver, will be hosting you and your friends for the worldwide Mexican party that’s all about celebrating spectacular food, delicious drinks, fantastic music, and inspiring culture. And everyone is invited. It’s a casa de amigos for all of Vancouver!

Gourmet tacos, ceviche, and other handheld Mexican foods? Check. The amigos at Buena Onda of Savoury Chef Catering will feature these and an array of other Mexican street­style foods. Signature Margaritas, Palomas, Micheladas, and your favourite Mexican cervezas? You bet! The entire casa is fully licensed (19+) for those of you who like to indulge.


The experience doesn’t end with the palate, we have spectacles for all the senses; authentic street vendors and crafters, piñatas, Mariachi bands, traditional dancers and even a wrestling ring with high flying Luchador wrestlers!

We invite all of you, our most esteemed luchadors and amigos, to don your sombreros and ponchos and dust off your high flying maneuvers to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Vancouver style!

Tickets start at $20 for Vancouver’s newest fiesta and go on sale Friday, April 8th, at

Wet Ape Productions ­ Founded in 2007, Wet Ape develops experience based sports, music, and cultural events across Canada, and has created and produced a wide variety of events, including four uniquely inspired festivals, Center of Gravity, the Keloha Music & Arts Festival, Harvest Haus, and Unbuckled. Wet Ape also promotes and produces a number of concerts each year featuring indie, hip hop, and EDM artists, and manages a large portfolio of client events.

Buena Onda / Savoury Chef ­ Buena Onda, a subsidiary of Savoury Chef Catering, is a full service catering and events company that hasn’t forgotten where it came from. It offers Baja Mexican cuisines with a local twist, replacing traditional ingredients with local products while ensuring that their food is fresh, local, sustainable, and hand­crafted.

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