BoomTown Festival: Why I Want To Live In District 5

Although I have never stepped foot on the dirt of the motherland, I am absolutely ecstatic to attend one of their most sought after festivals: BoomTown Festival. Running from August 11th-14th, Hampshire, UK, I’m preparing myself to embark on an epic adventure, filling my heart with both elated terror and jubilant pleasure and I want to share my excitement with you. So far, I’m most impressed by District 5, and here’s why:


The Story

BoomTown is a City made up of 10 different Districts, and with each district comes a story. District 5 has a bizarrely seductive legend and it is said to be “one of the most popular venues for late night naughtiness”. The story describes how aliens implemented technologies into the broken district, while spreading disease which thus left the District under quarantine. A local mob boss named Muuti is currently in control of the area and keeps the virus dormant “through illegal implants” which breeds a “maligned being, known as Halfings” who must outrun Deckard and Hassan, two local bounty hunters. This is a tale I am curious to see in action. Will I watch in horror as Deckard and Hassan take down Halfings? Or will I turn into a Halfing myself? Stay tuned for my post-coverage to find out!

The Visuals and Stages

Although I have never been, I am overwhelmed by the photos of District 5’s 4 stages: the nine-story tall Bang-Hai Palace (Drum & Bass/Neuro Funk), Scrapyard (CrossBreed/4×4/Tek), Robotika (Glitch/Hard Bass/Mashup) and Sewage Works (Junglecore/Amencore). Each stage is adorned with epic visuals which illuminate every square inch of the scaffolding, while delicately housing the DJ booth for prime music making. I’m eager to find out what kind of costumes will decorate the stage and crowd, and what I can come up with myself to fit right in… I smell a collaboration coming on with one of my favourite clothing designers.


The Music

District 5 emits all of my favourite types of music such as Drum & Bass, Mashups, Breaks and CrossBreed. Basically, it offers everything that the comforts of West Coast Bass Music has to offer me and will hopefully make me feel right at home. Not only am I excited to hear my favourite UK artists, but I’m stoked to discover new sounds and identify fresh favourites to add to my ever expanding list of beloved artists.

The Talent

With each lineup release my heart pounded and I my hands perspired as I released my excitement over twitter. Bang-Hai Palace will be housing frontrunners Roni Size & Krust presenting Full Cycle, Calibre, DJ Hype & Hazard , Dynamite MC and many more plan whereas Robotika will host my all time favourites Krafty Kuts, Stanton Warriors, Plump DJs and A.Skillz. It will definitely be difficult to tear myself away from these two hard-hitting stages but my purpose is to explore what the entire festival has to offer so I will have to plan accordingly.


The Company

I believe this is where I will find my future festival family. At this point in planning I believe I will be traveling to this epic place alone. That being said I don’t plan on staying alone for long. Over the past year I’ve been lucky enough to have some fantastic interviews with some of the DJs who will be sharing the stage and my hope is that people who enjoy their music as much as myself, will also enjoy my company. I endeavour that my love for the music and my genuine nature will attract some amazing life-long friends or at least a temporary festival family. So here goes nothing!



PHOTOGRAPHY: BoomTown Fair Website

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