CHECK IT OUT YO! The FESTIVAL-GAME-CHANGER app FestEvo’s new version has finally arrived! To mark the release of the v3 FestEvo #FestivalBetter mobile app, FestEvo announced today AND to celebrate the eagerly awaited 2016 North American music festival season, the team at FestEvo are launching a multi-week giveaway for a pair of coveted tickets for each of eight fan-favorite US festival events – sixteen tickets total.

Can we get a HELL YEAH?!

The FestEvo 2016 #MusicFestival #TicketGiveway giveaway will enable each eligible entrant – and their friends – to easily earn multiple chances to win. Full giveaway rules and terms are available on the FestEvo website.

This bad-ass giveaway will be open to eligible entrants who download and register the updated v3 FestEvo #FestivalBetter app. The ad-free FestEvo #FestivalBetter app is designed to benefit everyone from first-time festival attendees to festival pros, and is available free-to- download on both the Apple Store and Google Play

When does this epic contest start you ask?! NOW through April 14th!  On April 14th EIGHT eligible winners will be randomly selected, and each person will be awarded a pair of tickets from one of the FestEvo #MusicFestival #TicketGiveaway partner festivals:


FestEvo was conceived to address festival industry challenges observed by Tucker Gumber, a full-time festival fan experience advocate and industry author, popularly known as The Festival GuyTM. The FestEvo #FestivalBetter app serves as a single resource that dramatically simplifies the festival-goer’s search and discovery of festival events, exploration of lineups and new music through sound and video, choice of target festivals for the season, engagement with like-minded friends and fans, creation of customized in-event itineraries, with access to ticket swaps, rideshares, meetups, logistics and other services – all to enable fans to more effectively plan and enjoy their best personal festival experience.



The new FestEvo #FestivalBetter also introduces the ability for performers and producers to “take over” their pages to manage their respective content within the app – giving artists and events full control of their in-app consumer engagement and messaging. “From its very inception, Mysteryland has been dedicated to producing the ultimate music, culture and arts festival experience,” said Chris Weld, Marketing Coordinator for Mysterlyland USA, “we are delighted to have the FestEvo #FestivalBetter app available for our festival-goers and will continue to support all that they do for our community.”

“We are stoked to announce this exciting giveaway, and grateful to be working with such awesome event partners,” stated Tucker Gumber, FestEvo founder, “we are working hard to become ‘the’ trusted resource for artist and event discovery, selection, festival preparation, the journey to the venue – and the ultimate in-event adventure.”


About FestEvo

FestEvo is a US-based Experience Economy startup that strives to inform, activate, and aggregate the passionate music festival fan community as a powerful marketplace and influential force-for-good in the industry and beyond. We invite festival fans to join us on the journey. Download, seek, choose, share, engage, plan, participate, experience, live life, and have an utter blast while making the festival scene – and the world – a better place.

CRUISE OVER TO: http://www.festevo.com/ FOR MORE!

Happy Festing Everyone! Betty + Kora + FestEvo ❤ YOU!



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