Are You Ready For Fools Gold?

Well, well, well. April 1st is just around the corner and we sure are looking forward to spending an evening with good friends and GREAT music…with an objective.

When we spoke to the Anian Crew about wanting to raise some funds for a special project that we had in mind, they were incredibly courteous to jump on board and help us out to throw an event. Since many of you may not have known that we are hoping to start a mini series showcasing a selection of stories surrounding festival culture, it’s time we brought you into the fold. Without divulging too much into detail, we are looking to raise some much needed funds so that we can financially compensate a small team of people to help us with our vision. So, with a number of shows primarily in Vancouver laying ahead, we are very excited to be able to raise some awareness around what we are doing in one of our home towns: Victoria.

We hope that you will join us on Friday, April 1 to shake a leg!  Performances from The Gaff, JPNSGRLS and Bocce Avocado are going to be off the hook!



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