Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe: Smirnoff Sound Collective



A group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective


Photo Cred: Rafaella Dice


Over the past week  Whistler Blackcomb played host to the launch of the  Smirnoff Sound Collective Canada, a totally free four day and four night event that showcased some of Canada’s best emerging artists as well as established talent from across North America. The Collective featured nine diverse artists from local favourites DJ Surgeon and Vinyl Ritchie to international heavy hitters Skratch Bastid and Justin Martin. Events ranged from chill afternoon sessions on the mountain, to après patio parties and late night bangers at the GLC .

Smirinoff Sound

The vibes were high and the stoke was real as one and all got in on the action. Everyone from ski boot toting toddlers to your vacationing Uncle was spotted having a boogie as the snow fell down and the clocks turned forward.


While Whistler is no stranger to badass free music events such as the upcoming World Ski and Snowboard Festival and Smirnoff House Parties, the launch of the Sound Collective is something different. It isn’t only a free concert series but also a movement designed to showcase the talents of homegrown electronic artists deserving of  an international spotlight. According to Smirnoff’s  Geoff Kosar, the Collective is a new platform, “basically it’s us collaborating with different kinds of artists to tell stories of inclusion.”


The Collective has already seen success through numerous partnerships. The #whatwebring movement debuted “Give it to the Moment,”  a collaboration between Calgary’s Kiesza and LA based producer Djemba Djemba. March kicked off with the recent international launch of “Tribes: DISCWOMAN,” a documentary telling the stories of female DJs and highlighting their contributions to the electronic music industry. To top it all off the Collective has launched an impressive line up for the  upcoming Miami Takeover, another free event with electronic label Dirtybird.


According to talent curator Ryan Apps of DEFYENT, “What we’re trying to do here is find emerging artists.  Hopefully, by establishing a relationship between the Sound Collective and these artists, we can help them gain exposure not only in Canada but around the globe. It’s about cool people coming together to do cool shit!”


And cool it was! On Saturday alone we caught DJ Foxy Moron spinning on Whistler Mountain AND on the GLC patio rocking the most stylish onesie one ever did see. Juno nominated Humans had a patio full of party people rocking out in full ski gear until sunset. Kori K was in his element, cheeky grin and all as he warmed up a full house for headliner Grandtheft. And, anyone who missed Sleepy Tom’s Friday après set got a wicked surprise when he jumped on the decks with Grandtheft to round out an unbelievable day!


And, while the party the Smirnoff Sound Collective threw was a blast for all of us who got to go, it’s not just about us, it’s about everyone who participates in the experience including the artists.


For party goers and artists alike, the Smirnoff Sound Collective has proven a smashing success.  When asked why he was a part of the Collective, Grandtheft  replied, “Because it’s a great program! It’s just great to come out to Whistler,  play records with my friends, and have some fun!”


Written by:  Kailey Seabrooke and



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