Kalisi Luv’s Festival Tour Announcement!

Despite summer being the best time for BC festival season, this year I have chosen to embark on a new adventure and take the UK electronic music scene by storm by completing a writing tour while traveling in the UK and Western Europe. One thing I’ve learned from traveling, is that you can’t plan everything. However, as my crew and I discovered at Burning Man in 2014, you can set some intentions and I’d like to share mine with you.

My hope is to explore the UK music scene via participation in festivals and other local events. I have been lucky enough to connect with some integral members of the UK electronic music scene through articles and interviews I have written in the past, such as my interview with Featurecast, and they have been nothing but helpful when it comes to sending me in the right direction. Specifically, I have already noticed that the UK funk scene is similar to the BC scene in that everyone seems to know each other, and support each other’s work. Whether this is a fact or not remains to be seen, and hopefully I will be able to tell you by the end of my tour, but I am excited to connect with new friends and old during my adventures. So, what are my plans? Here are my current festival picks for my Europe Tour:


Beat-herder Festival: Running from July 15th-17th in Ribble Valley, Lancashire this festival is hosting some of my favourite acts:  Easy Star All Stars, A. Skillz, Justin Martin, and Father Funk. Need I say more? Well here is a bit more: Their website describes 16 different stages/areas to explore including a place called “The Ring”, “The Fortress” and of course “The Beat-Herder Stage” just to name a few. I sure hope I get the chance to explore each space and see what they have to offer! Stand by for more posts and updates about this event in the weeks to come.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 6.22.36 PM

Farr Festival: From July 14th-16th in Hertfordshire, UK Farr Festival entices me “Back to the woods”, and being a British Columbia resident, that sounds just perfect for me! I’ll be honest, the line up at this festival is pretty new to me and thus I am excited to explore and discover new artists and allow them to pervade my heart with their blissful beats. One particularly interesting part of Farr Festival is that there is more to do than just dancing! This place has a Cinema Field, Fairground rides, and much more! I know that this will be an adventure and a half! I’ll have to dig deeper in my upcoming spotlights to find out what exactly Farr Festival can teach me so stay tuned…


The Secret Garden Party: On July 21st the Merriment begins in Abbots Ripton at a secret party in the UK. Their list of stages and activities intrigue me and I’m still not quite sure what to make of them! For example, “Bearded Kitten”, “Dance Off”, “The Lost Woods” and “Feast of Fools” are some of the many unique experiences offered and I can’t wait to participate in all of them! And with headliners like Milky Chance, and Beardyman, how can they go wrong!? I can’t wait to hear more of the line up as it’s being released. Make sure to keep watching Betty & Kora for more of my insights on this divergent festival!


BoomTown Fair: August 11th-14th, in Hampshire UK, BoomTown Fair will undoubtedly rock my socks off! With 10 different districts, and multiple stages per sector this city is going to be nothing but inconceivably legendary. From what I’ve gathered thus far, each district hosts a different main genre of music and each stage pays tribute to each sub genre. For example, DSTRKT 5 is broken up into Drum & Bass, Junglecore, Neuro Funk, and many others. I can only hope that I will get the chance to explore each district and absorb the nutrients from each, unique, type of music and culture each district has to offer.

Whether or not I am able to attend all four is questionable, but I do promise that whichever I am able to participate in, I will do my best to share my experiences with you. Do you have any suggestions for me? I am all ears! Thanks for listening and I hope you stay tuned to learn more about my future endeavours, #StayGenuine.


WORDS: Kalisi Luv

LEAD IMAGE: The Real Matt Love

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