Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: BK Interviews Kilma

You’ve wrote for, Digital DJ Tips, The Passionate DJ, Decoded, DJ Mag Canada, you’re a Radio Personality on The Basement Sessions, and a Disc Jockey / Producer known as Kilma. Did we mention Entrepreneur? Wow! What do you eat for breakfast lady?!

With that title, clearly Bailey’s with a dash of coffee. To be honest though, I hate breakfast food unless it’s bacon and donuts.

If you were given a free full-page ad in the newspaper and had to explain yourself and what you do in six words or less, how would the ad read?

Full page ad with only 6 words? Sound like only hamsters can read it! *Laughs* It would probably say…

Control of

Okay, okay… She’s creative, thought provoking and funny.


Photo Credit: Ryan Whiting

Tell us about your website, Brand Me Silly workshop and EPK Design offer. It almost seems like your a life coach for artists!

In short:
I am a dj that helps other djs. So I guess you could say I am!

In long:
Through my one on ones and workshops, I help artists create their brand image through storytelling and creatively marketing themselves to their target demographic. We start by creating a visual goal, around that we break it down into a manageable plan and freaking execute it daily! I arm them with the proper knowledge, from social media management to helping them build the right contacts even negotiations for proper pay and treatment as an entertainer.

This often includes press-kits. Helping them to create that pretty little package that’s easy for press, promoters and labels to navigate through. But sometimes I get freelance work for media kits and that’s always fun to do too. It’s how artists can set themselves apart from their competition when approaching these industry peeps.

On my Website I chat about a lot of vibe killin’ situations many djs can relate to or will deal with at some point in their career, with creative soultions to those issues.

Many artists in the beginning, middle and end (including myself at one point) can have the excitement and drive but miss the much needed direction, planning and knowledge to set themselves on the road to success. Some get stuck or even want to give up because what they are doing isn’t working. I give them another option to boost them in the right direction.

The one on one is where we really identify the needs each artist may have. In a world where everyone’s a dj (including my mom) it’s difficult to stand apart if you’re still just trying to fit in. It’s what I see a lot of djs doing. With me they can create a more tailored path for their needs vs. what they THINK others want from them. It brings authenticity both in the individual’s work and the people they attract. I believe it contributes to harder working artists and a stronger scene.

What’s your experience in the industry? How did you become an expert at advice giving?

Expert? *Blushes* Why, thank you!

Like, many through trial, error and loads of research. You don’t just wake up and know how to do something your first try.

For the first 10 years of my career I’d branded myself so well as a dnb dj, that when I started getting into other genre’s there was a lot of brand confusion. I’d had music releases, music videos and numerous features under this old alias that no longer matched who I was, what I was into, nor my target demographic.

I made a difficult decision to cut the cord. I wanted to do different and I wanted to brand myself with a bang. Not just change a name and say, “Oh and I play house and techno music now.” I took workshops, did loads of research, brainstorming sessions, and A & B testing. Of course you never stop learning but when I made the switch I was able to measure just how quickly that knowledge and my execution had made a difference.

Believe it or not, the inspiration and drive behind my articles came out because of phony profiles that had been popping up online pretending to be me. So I thought, “What better way to leave NO DOUBT in people’s mind about WHO you are than to have a loud online presences?” I wanted to create a brand that was thought provoking, intelligent and well thought out. A brand that would attract open minded folks that would engage in intelligent conversations. Somewhere along the way I learned to draw from my experiences to help others which turned into a profitable business venture.


Do you have a favorite festival?

Envision out in Costa Rica was pretty incredible. They have a vast amount of workshops, artists and how can you go wrong with being in the jungle, steps away from the ocean. Minus the jellyfish, sharks and panthers. I kid, I kid. It was an eye opening experience. I made a lot of lasting friendships out there and took with me many life lessons.

What kind of musical endeavours can we expect to hear from you next?
Funny you ask, I recently teamed up with local producer Qube and literally just released our tune, “They call me” which is a free download! Yay! This one was a special project I hold close to my heart as it’s also my first official release as the new brand!

What can I say, I’m a house and techno dj with a love for hip hop so you definitely can hear that influence in some of my work, along with that bass heavy sound from my dnb days, at a 125 BPM.

If you and a Space Cat named “Kitty” we’re to make a musical creation together what would it sound like and what would it be called?

I’m sure it would be obscure and the cat meows would be manipulated into some sort of acid sounding synth. As I said that, I imaged a meow in a super low pitch. Oh gosh, that would be hilarious.

Lastly, for those who don’t know, what’s the skinny with your #ASKKILMA Vlog?!

I answer questions from artists around the world seen on my youtube channel. Some are on the more personal side while others are a bit more general. Sometimes it’s just nice to talk it out. To get a raw version of answers. In my vlogs I can edit them even after I record em’ but they are always more vulnerable than the articles on my website. And I think that’s really important. Showing people all sides of your brand. It might not be for every artist, but for me I truly enjoy it. I like getting to know these people, scope them out before I answer their questions and and get to know people on a more personal level. It only inspires more content and in some cases gets me to really question myself and what I would do if given situations not yet experienced.

You can tweet your #AskKilma questions to @KilmaMusic on twitter or record a video on Instagram. If you’re rather be anonymous email beats(at)

#AskKilma Video – and or

Social Handles @KilmaMusic




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  1. Sounds like you’ve been misinformed.


  2. Stoked to see Kilma play at Coachella and Burning Man this year!

    • Wtf? Nice try, but she is definitely not playing either of those, the artists have already been released. She actually paid to travel and play in Costa Rica years ago and we are still hearing about it, kilma only plays local shitty holes in the wall in Winnipeg. Ask her about the time she got booked to play in England and bragged at customs about being a DJ…. DEEEEENIED entry. lmfao!!!!

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