Slicker Than Your Average: BK Interviews Average Gypsy

Music festivals have been the setting to some pretty pivotal Average Gypsy moments, which one is your favourite?

Yes, they definitely have! We actually met a music festival-so other than that magical moment, back in 2012 at Coachella when I (Dani) poured my gypsy potion (a vile of gold glitter) all over Josh- we’d have to say our favourite festival moment was last summer at Pemberton. We were hanging backstage (with Betty and Kora of course) after the festival had ended, when Skrillex showed up and played an impromptu set. We were lucky enough to be able to throw down a little set with YG Hootie right afterwards. It was pretty cool to be able to share the stage with them!

Who are you top 3 favourite DJ duos

?Gorgon City, Disclosure, Amine Edge and DANCE…..and Daft Punk!


How would you describe your dynamic together?

Ebb and Flow. We balance each other out.  We are always working together, it’s a team effort and each of us bring something a bit different to the table. But the most important part about our dynamic is that love transcends everything that we do. The love we have for each other and for the music is crystal clear. It’s what motivates us and what gives us so much creative energy.

How do you both see Average Gypsy evolving?

We’ve got big plans for the future! We have a 4 year plan that is very specific and it includes lots of traveling, lots of festivals and lots of learning.  The one thing we are focusing on right now is producing.  We just released our first track, HEYO, a few weeks ago. We are really happy with how it turned out and are hungry to improve and produce lots more.  We have our DJ both and studio set up in our apartment (neighbours of the year) and have been putting in endless hours refining our skills.  We are more focused now then we have ever been and it’s not going to stop!


Who are some of your dream collaborators?

We are obsessed with the Tech House style of the whole Dirty Bird crew and the Future Bass style of the whole Night Bass crew, so it would have to be Claude Von Stroke and AC Slater.

If Average Gypsy were a cocktail, what kind of cocktail would it be?

A Dirty Vodka Martini. It’s timeless, it goes with everything, it’s strong and gets the job done right.  It’s mature and classy but also super dirty. It’s mixed perfectly, it will make you groove and leave you feeling sexy and wanting more.  Oh and shaken, definitely shaken baby!









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