HOOT or BOOT: Michelle Lynne Johnson of The Fairie’s Pyjamas

Welcome to the first edition of Kaiser’s Hoot or Boot! Fashion and/or life Do’s and Don’ts tailored for the festival scene. They give me a chance to shoot the shit with some well known festy fashion mavericks and ask some dumb questions about what people should or shouldn’t do while they party. Hoot as in the big eyed, wise avian creature and Boot as in to kick with your big fuzzy boot like a lost water bottle on the dance floor at 4:30am.

Michelle of the Fairies Pyjamas was relentlessly positive in this interview! I tried to get some shadiness out of the woman, but the only thing she had bad things to say about were synthetic fabrics and smoking! What a gem. We could all take some notes on positivity from her ❤ Make sure you check out my interview with her from last year.

Let’s get silly, lets get shady, and Hoot or Boot our way through some random party paraphernalia!


Ready to eat Indian meals:

Michelle- Hoot. For sure, Indian food is delicious and nutritious.


M- Hoot, definitely! I got my first camelback this year for Burning Man. I’m all for camelbacks.

Animal onesies:

M- Hoot. Yeah, those are fun! Totally. The cotton ones are better than the polyester ones for sure. They’re fun and they’re whimsical.



Toe socks:

M- Hoot.

Fluorescent face paint:

M- Hoot. If someone’s having a good time, then that’s the bottom line.

Vicks Vapour Rub

M- Hoot.


Clove cigarettes:

M- Boot. I quit smoking a year and half ago, so I’m kind of like snooty for any kind of tobacco.

Patchouli oil:

M- Hoot. I like it, but my fiancé does not like it.

Cool Whip:

M- Oh! No. Boot. Cool Whip fight? That would be fun!


WORDS: Kaiser


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