James Deen Talks Cat Names & New Music

Happy Thursday urrrrbody! The weekend is right around the corner and we are pleased to share our interview with this week’s Life Musik headliner James Deen. See what he had to say below and make sure you come see HIM in real live person this weekend at the Alexander Gastown. 


K- Soooooo we thought we would get this one right out of the way…. Do you often get confused with the actor Mr. James Dean?


Actor: James Dean

J- Surprisingly quite often. I mean it’s normally very indirect, like someone who clearly has no idea who I am, liking my page because they think i’m the adult actor. But in the past I have gotten messages or e-mails from middle aged women thinking I’m the actor, and complimenting me for things I’m never done… hahaha

K- If you and the actor James Dean made a song together what would it sound like?

J- I feel like it would be along the line of lounge and boss nova or something smooth. I honestly have no idea how to make either of those genres really, but that’s what I picture would happen.

K- Tell us about your experience being a part of the Red Bull Bass camp in Montreal last year? (For those who don’t know — The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-traveling series of music workshops and festivals)
J- It was truly not describable. Like, I’m always at a loss for words when talking about it. It was pretty much something I’ll never forget. On top of meeting, and collaborating with some seriously talented people, I left with quite a few great friends, which was my favourite part. Overall it was just an experience that I think helped me grow a lot.

K- What’s the inspiration behind your most recent EP “I Appreciate U”? And who are some of the top 5 people you appreciate?
J-  I was just super happy, and had a really positive outlook on life at the point when I was making it. Not that I don’t have the same view, but it was right around when I was getting comfortable with Vancouver after moving here, and was welcomed into the music scene here quite warmly. Number one would be my family, Mom and Dad, all the way down to my pets back at home (miss u boo-boos), my pseudo-manager Ang, always having my back, and all my close friends in general because they’re all very supportive of what I do, and it makes me feel great –😄

K- If you have a cat who just had a brand new litter of kittens what would you name them all?
J- Well I’ve already figured out what I’ll name my three children, so I guess that can apply to this as well. Friend, Stick, and Cloth are like the best names ever. Besides that naming animals extremely human names is great, like Kevin, Bruce, and Dan.


K – Tell what musical endeavours your working on next?!
J- I’m currently working on my next LP, which will be about 9 tracks, most of which feature various vocalists and producers. Besides that I have a few official remixes that should be dropping over the next 4 or 5 months!!!! I’m so excited for the next year 😄😄 😄!



Find more on this talented young man here:

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

See ya’ll this Saturday!

❤ Betty, Kora and the TEAM ❤



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