Phoenix To Ignite For McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2016

The McDowell Mountain Music Festival (M3F) is less than a month away. The three-day festival celebrates its 13th year of combining music, arts, food, and charities for Phoenix locals seeking an authentic festival experience. The lineup or artists promises to create a marquee event for true live music fanatics. M3F takes place on March 11 – 13 in downtown Phoenix’s Margaret T. Hance Park.

This year’s lineup includes Beck, Kid Cudi, The Avett Brothers, Porter Robinson, Animal Collective, Gary Clark Jr., Griz, Bloc Party, St. Lucia and many more.


Our lineup is a reflection of the eclectic and varied music choices of our festival fans and attendees. Just like our artists, they don’t like to be put in a box. They love what they love, because it’s raw music – not because it plays on the radio. Our current lineup ranges from the Blues and Jazz roots of Gary Clark Jr., to the upcoming Electronic sounds with Porter Robinson, and the legacy of Beck.” – John Largay, Founder and President.

From its inception, 100% of proceeds from the Festival are donated to non-profit charities. So that hard earned cash you’ll be shelling over for a ticket stays at home in Phoenix and supports local non-profits. Your good deed for the day is done. All proceeds from this year’s Festival will benefit two local, family-based non-profits: Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation and UMOM New Day Center. Last year M3F raised $120,000 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation and UMOM New Day Center, and they are on track to break that record with this year’s all-star line-up.

The entertainment doesn’t stop at the great selection of musical talent either. Local community artists and muralists will showcase live art throughout the Festival grounds. Over the three days, attendees may purchase the artwork produced onsite by local artists donating their time and talents toward great causes. Local culinary artists will be performing live food and drink demonstrations, showcasing tips and tricks for anything from good ol’ flapjacks and artisan breads to your favorite mixed drinks. The vendor Marketplace features vendors from all over the country. Handmade jewelry, crafts, artist merchandise, M3F merchandise, and face painting are just a sampling of the goods and services one might find in our Marketplace.

Feel good about yourself by supporting this great cause and buying tickets to McDowell Mountain Music Festival. Get your tickets here.

WORDS: James Oborne

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