Party Forecast <3

Helllllllloooooo PARTY PEOPLE! How’s everyone feeling this fine morning? We have some very exciting news to announce…  Yup you guessed it, tonight is urrrrbody’s favourite weekly event “Life Musik”.  Here’s whats on the party forecast for the night: Dr. Seiz  is predicted to cause a dance floor ruckus, and an explosion burst of super-fun-times.  We can also expect a cheeky musical mind blow from Samuel K (of Casual Encounters) (Did we mention were stoked?). We ALSO heard through the grapevine there was going to be a surprise guest star visit from Sir P (said member of local celebrity trifecta Can I Live). Additionally, apparently Deep Sounds is claiming he will out-double-high-kick Betty (ahem… we will see about that) and of course tunes from the ever so talented and turbo babe WMNSTUDIES will also be blissfully blasting all night long!.  Sattle Up Cause it’s Saturday  and let’s get dancy people! Who’s coming with?

#lifemusik #everysaturday #alexandergastown #partyallnight

❤ Betty and Kora

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