The Soul Sail

If you haven’t yet heard of Soul Sail, you’re about to have your socks knocked off and reaching for the phone to call all your best homies to book a gahdamn holiday! It combines all of the best things in life; food, drinks, the ocean, beautiful people, travel, adventure, and EXPERIENCES!

“Soul Sail has no template, no expectations and no boundaries; this is simply about seven days in paradise getting down and dirty with everything life offers. Maybe that’s a lobster dinner, maybe it’s jumping out of a plane, and maybe it’s doing beach yoga every morning at sunrise. The adventure is up to you, we’re just here to make it happen. That’s the belief. That’s the Soul Sail.”

To delve deeper into this incredible take on the average getaway yacht holiday, Kora chatted with one of the key members of the Soul Sail team, Tyler, to find out more about this boating paradise.



What inspired you and your team to launch such a glorious holiday experience?

Passions. For me, and I think I can speak for the rest of the team, it started because the corporate world wasn’t really doing it for us- we wanted to do something that aligned more with our passions. Something that would allow us to do exactly what we love, with cool people, in great environments. For me that’s the option to practice tai chi and meditate in the morning, kite-board, cliff-jump, and adventure seek during the day, and then kick off my flip-flops for some casual barefoot dancing at night (along with a few epic parties in the mix to really get loose). That’s my kind of day, that’s definitely my kind of week. We each have our own dreams, and together we have created something amazing. Something between a yoga retreat, a music festival, a party flotilla, an adventure sport mecca, and a foodie’s paradise.

For those familiar with the ever so wild Yacht Week how does Soul Sail compare? How is it different?

Hmmm, well… The Yacht Week is really great at doing what they do. They throw an epic week of raging parties. The Soul Sail is really great at what we do… A week of balance, connection, adventure, and expansion- thrill and chill. Both events provide the environment to bring together your group of friends and both events provide one hell of a Caribbean vacation. At the end of the day, we operate at a different speed. Where YachtWeek does an amazing job at creating head-banging night events, we are curating the awe-inspiring daytime events and unique evenings that have your head banging in a whole other way. We focus on bringing people together with the environment and each other by partnering with some of the best kiteboarders, dive-masters, free-divers, and yogis we know. Being born and raised here in The Virgin Islands, one of my personal greatest goals for The Soul Sail is to have it fit seamlessly into our environment. For the guests to truly feel the culture, the environment, and the overall vibe that really makes this place so special.


If you could compare Soul Sail to a music festival which would it be and why?

Interesting question… We have said in the past that The Soul Sail is somewhere between Wanderlust and Burning Man. Wanderlust in the sense that everyone is tuned into a similar vibe. A vibe of peace, connection, and presence. A vibe that most festival goers know to well… The one that makes us say, “Wow, this just feels right.” Also similar to Wanderlust in the sense that we are on the smaller side of a flotilla event, it provides for a greater level of intimacy and connection. In my experience, these connections with once strangers turned new best friends, often lead to some of the coolest sharing of ideas, collaborations, and creations. I am curious to see what is lasting bonds are created from these interactions on The Soul Sail As for Burning Man, I think that The Soul Sail will have an eclectic presence. Not as much through different costumes and villages, but in this case through different coastal passions. We are the place that anyone can come and feel welcomed. Where some people will be avid scuba divers and others will be expert kite-boarders. And some, literally just want to enjoy a day reading on the bow and snuggling down on a beanbag at sunset.

How do you see Soul Sail evolving?

I see The Soul Sail taking off and becoming a community. An international community of passionate, vibrant individuals bonded by a shared experience. Connected by a collective desire to live fully and truthfully. With that said, I see many other trips, events, and locations spawning down the road, but let’s start here.


Would you consider this a good alternative to going to a music festival? It seems like the type of thing where you wouldn’t need a vacation from your from vacation.

Yes. I, myself, absolutely love music festivals. The part that I love most about music festivals is the people that I meet and share experiences with. The Soul Sail offers that connection and it also offers amazing views, activities, and adventures to go along with it.

What exactly is included with the weekly cost listed on the site? Do you need to pay extra for yoga, kiting, etc?

Included is accommodation on your boat, captain to sail you around, a hostess to prepare meals, evening events (not including drinks), morning yoga sessions, snorkel gear, dinner reservations, iintroduction to freediving, and mountain top hikes!

You can find this at All additional instruction, such as kiteboarding lessons, scuba-diving certification, and fishing trips are additional payments for the guests. We are collaborating with our favorite local companies and guides, so the guests can easily arrange to be picked up from their boat for whatever activity they’re looking to do. We’re offering amazing discounts on everything from the sailing to the activity packages- a combination you can’t find anywhere else.













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  1. Betty and Kora, you’re the greatest! We LOVE you x

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