There’s Something About Song and Surf…

“Song & Surf is nestled in one of the last ancient temperate rain-forests on earth. Ten minutes outside of Port Renfrew is the Avatar Grove, where you can walk amongst giant red cedar trees wider than a living room and taller than a downtown skyscraper. While the trees in these forests are upwards of 1500 years old, the forest itself is much older. These rare and diverse ecosystems have developed over 12,000 years ever since the last ice age and are home to countless rare and endangered species. When you step into these ancient rain-forests, you connect with the primordial life-force of the earth as it was long before western civilization colonized these lands.” Daniel Pierce, of Heartwood —Documentary 

You can feel the energy in this magical land and the air you breath deep into your lungs will revive and refresh old souls and new. It’s not only because of Song and Surfs incredible surroundings that this festival is so special but it’s all the little extra things that come with it too. The sound of rain drops falling on the roof, the warmth radiating from the cozy campfire outside, the blissful taste of bailey’s in your coffee cup, the man made-wood-fired headed hot tub, all the smiles that come with every warm hug, and of course the sound of the acoustics reflecting off every wooden beam in the cabin like community room of Big Fish Lodge. This place truly is extraordinary.


We have high anticipation for this weekend’s line up. The diverse  bill is truly a marvel with acts such as indie-rock Vancouver darling’s, Yukon Blond, rock god and one of this years Peak Performance Project top finalists, Jesse Roper, the multi-instrumental-electro-sexy-funky band, Moontricks, local hip hop legends , Illvis Freshly, the disco, deep house, DJ/Producer and super friendly, Neighbour, the list truly goes on and on. There is literally not a single act your going to want to miss!


For some it’s in their backyard for others its a pilgrimage that is well worth it for this nature-loving, celebration of music. We can’t wait to see you all in Port Renfrew this weekend.

Lots of Love,

Betty and Kora ❤


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