Fast Food & Life Soundtracks With Just Kiddin

Ranking high on the babe scale and off the charts with music that makes you want to Saturday Night Fever the shit out of the dancefloor, Just Kiddin are the tag team out of the UK gracing the stage at Life Musik this weekend. Their most recent self-released single “Only For You” has been gaining buzz from all over the internet, reaching over half a million plays on Soundcloud and YouTube in just a month, as well as radio support from heavyweights like Pete Tong and Kiss FM.

The Betty and Kora team took five with Laurie and Lewis ahead of their set in our fine city…

Betty & Kora: How much do you credit your success to music blogs and their profile of your music?

Just Kiddin: Hugely. So many blogs have played a key part in spreading our music far and wide. It’s been amazing to see, and  so much appreciated.
BK: What’s the most money you’ve ever spent drunk at a fast food restaurant?

Lewis – I bought 20 chicken nuggets once, and ate them all. I was quite intoxicated.

Laurie – The full wing platter was a regular occurrence after a few beverages at my local grill shack. #gimmedemwings.


BK: What new musical endeavours are you working on right now?

JK: We’ve got a big new single coming out in the next couple of months, and plenty more planned. We’re sitting on a lot of new music right now so feeling pretty exited.

BK: If your lives had a soundtrack, what would the top track be?

Lewis: Sade – Smooth Operater… Or so I think in my own head.

Laurie: Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff

BK: What has been your favourite festival to play so far? Which festivals are high up on your bucket list?

JK: Board masters in Newquay (a seaside town in the UK) was off the chain this year. Absolutely stoked to be playing Electric Forrest Festival in June as well, the location looks truly amazing. As far as a bucket list goes it would a privilege to play Coachella. Fingers crossed it’ll be soon!


See Just Kiddin headline Life Musik at the Alexander Gastown, Saturday February 6. Doors at 10pm, party all night! Grab your tickets ahead of time at Tickets also available at the door.

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