Envision Festival SOLD OUT 2 Years Running!

For the second year in a row, Envision Festival – Costa Rica has just announced that the International General Admission tickets for its annual gathering are officially SOLD OUT.  Those unable to secure a general admission pass to Envision 2016 still have a glimmer of hope to attend the 4-day festival through the purchase of alocals-only” Costa Rica ticket, VIP package or the Envision Post-Tour, which include a ticket into the festival. Only a few of these special package passes remain – don’t delay on solidifying a spot!


Those planning on attending the 6th annual Envision Festival will gather alongside a backdrop of lush tropics in celebration of humanity and our planet to dance, learn and unite under the majestic starry skies on the beaches of Uvita, Costa Rica this February 25th – 28th.  In their quest to foster a thriving yet viable culture, Envision Festival will welcome their largest gathering to date while staying mindful that the growth of the festival remain sustainable with regards to the local community and natural surroundings.  For 2016, Envision will embrace a remarkable 4,700 attendees, an overall increase of just 500 participants from 2015.



Envision Co-founder Matt Siegel explains their sustainable approach to growth, “In 2016, we made the conscious decision to limit Envision’s growth to 500 additional participants. This calculated measure ensures our ability to leave a positive environmental impact at Rancho La Merced and the surrounding communities. Additionally, the attendance limit allows participants to continue to experience the intimate community vibe that is essential to fostering both intra-personal and interpersonal growth.”


Envision 2016 will host world-class music, workshops, and yoga and movement classes, with musical acts Shpongle, Beats Antique Live, M.A.N.D.Y., Elephant Revival, Midnite (under their current touring name Akae Beka), Grouch, Spoonbill, Dimond Saints, The Human Experience, Beat Fatigue, Patterns, Sonambulo and Envision six year alumni, Random Rab topping this year’s bill.  Movement and speaker workshops will be lead by leading wellness expert David Wolfe, Israeli- Palestinian Peace leader Gabriel Meyer, and renowned herbalist 7Songplus international yoga teachers Sianna Sherman, Rachel Brathen, and Ashleigh Sergeant among many more.



Encompassing a cultural movement, a regenerative permaculture vision and a spiritual gathering, Envision evokes a mantra of “partying with a purpose” as one of its core values and in their continued quest to enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding ecosystem, founders have made conscious efforts to ensure that the growth of Envision remains sustainable for both the local community and participants alike. With the growing numbers attending the festival each year, Envision is now able to give back more than ever to the local community.  This year’s initiatives include ongoing beach cleanups and donations to Community Carbon Trees Costa Rica dedicated to planting trees to reduce carbon footprints, in addition to new initiatives supporting the founding of an Envision Youth Center in the festival’s hometown of Uvita.



For attendees looking to secure transportation to and from the festival or who need to rent tents or lodging, options are still available with more information via the Envision website!

Before you prepare for your adventure to Costa Rica, be sure to check the Envision website for festival facts, and travel tips. For ongoing updates, subscribe to the Envision Festival newsletter and connect with Envision on social media.

Envision Festival would like to thank its entire community for their part in helping make the 2016 gathering and its endeavors the most successful to date!


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