Bet You Didn’t Know These 5 Things About The Knocks. Official Q&A with B&K

I’m going to kick this off with the last time The Knocks, aka James (JPatt) and Ben (B-Roc) were all up in this city of ours. They smashed everything: their performance, their style, all of the glass at the bar. The last point was a lie, but damn, they might as well have. These two produce music that is a force to be reckoned with and no matter how many times I’ve seen them, they deliver. Every. Single. Time.

Plus they’re self-employed in the babe department of life. Shout out.

I mean ‘Kiss The Sky’ feat. Wyclef Jean – just turn this one up. You’re going to be soul clapping real soon. If you have headphones in and are listening to it while taking a deuce in a public washroom – you should clap along to the beat louder. Cause that shit is FUNNY. And makes for great SnapChat material. You’re welcome.

‘Oh, their show in VaCity is on a Wednesday,’ – If I hear that from anyone’s mouth imma gunna come through the internet and slap you. School nights are for pussies, and were so 5 decades ago. So save it. The Knocks are worth showing up to work the next day drunk for. That’s why they invented Gatorade and McDonalds.

Anyway, we had the chance to ask JPatt and B-Roc a few questions before they made their way from NYC over to the rain capital of Canada. We are pretty fired up at B&K HQ to get our paws on their new album, coming in hot on March 4, 2016. Anyway, check it:

1. First, things first. Your debut album is coming in hot on March 4. Congrats. That’s huge. If you could summarize the process of making this album, what would you ultimately say about it? Highs, lows, stoke, frustrations? 

The album has been a long time coming… We basically had a whole other album worth of material ready to go, but decided not to release it.  It ended up being a blessing in disguise, because now we are confident that the album is exactly what we wanted to create and the timing feels right.  The process was very much collaborative, as you can see from all the features.  We really enjoy working with other artists/writers and feel that’s how the best music is made.  The music industry can be difficult at times, and it has been a learning experience, but like we said, we now feel like everything is in the right place and we have the right team around us.

 2.You have already collaborated with some exciting names in the industry, who is still on your wish-list?


3. What is something people would be surprised to find out about the two of you?

Ben – wears Pokemon socks sometimes 

James – is really into Dragon Ball Z 

4. Who is your Taylor Swift?

 Whoever is bad as hell and takes no ones shit…

5. You’ve toured through Vancouver a few times now, what do you love about the city and it’s audiences?

We really love Vancouver.  We are from the north east so something about it feels very similar… the people/vibe/energy is very welcoming.  The crowds are always fun and looking to have a good time and we always manage to end up at some crazy afterparty.  That whole “all Canadians are nice” thing seems to be very true.

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