Hello. MA/AM

Vancouver’s electronic scene, both underground or not, excites me. Aside from some of our east coast counterparts, VanCity is the driving force for Canadian electronic endeavours. Maybe it’s because we have to shuffle around under umbrellas and refrain from spending time outdoors due to the sky constantly shitting on us eight months out of the year, but as far as I’m concerned, hiding in basements never sounded so good.

There is a constant exodus of music making its way onto HypeM, Soundcloud, Beatport…you just need to take 3 minutes out of your day while your boss is out of the room to search for it. Anyway, VanCity duo MA/AM are two artists we’re hyped on and you can catch them live, this Saturday at Life Musik at the Alexander Gastown. I should also mention that it is our Content Manager’s birthday, aka that crazy Aussie chick that will probably slap the drink out of your hand because you’re not dancing hard enough. So yeah, you should probably come and celebrate with us because we’re going to have a shitload of balloons.

Anndddd back to the music…

Uniquely combining different styles of house, disco and synth pop, Vancouver’s MA/AM crafts dreamy melodies and warm basslines  with smooth, melancholy vocals. Comprised of long time Vancouver DJ/Producer Matéo and Producer/Vocalist Adam Biggs, MA/AM combines Mateo’s experience keeping dance floor’s sweaty, and Adam’s attention to texture and detail, making them a unique breakthrough act to listen for in 2016.

  • Betty




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