A New Year, A New Perspective: Mt. Doyle On Top Of The World.

Whether you’re an active member of the Victoria Electronic Music Scene, or have hit up local nightclubs and festivals in the past few years, there is no doubt you’ve heard of #HomeGrown Mt. Doyle (Aka Justin Doyle). This guy has become an absolute legend on Vancouver Island and was recently voted “Best Mix” by two of the crew here at Betty and Kora (Betty and myself) in “Betty and Kora’s Best of 2015”. I am arguably Mt. Doyle’s biggest fan so excuse me if this highlight is a bit bias, but it’s hard not to love this tall-drink-of-water’s musical genius behind the decks. If you want some more proof of his prodigious ability to play an entire set including all genre’s of dance music (from funky house to drum and bass) check out his newest Soundcloud page Mt. Doyle Eat’s Pizza because well, the man loves pizza. On Soundcloud you’ll find Mt. Doyle’s most recent mix has over 11 thousand plays! Despite having his original Soundcloud page, which had over 2,000 followers, deleted Mt.Doyle has not let it dampen his spirit: “It was pretty discouraging having my whole account deleted. Like a turbo bummer. But y’know, can’t stop, won’t stop. It feels good to have all those numbers and have so many likes and so many plays, but ultimately I gotta remember that’s not why I do it.”

So why does Mt. Doyle DJ? “I DJ because it’s fun and I love music. I love different styles of music and sharing them with people who might not be exposed to it. I love being able to put out a drum and bass mix and then a chill mix and then funk or whatever. Then one day someone says I didn’t know dnb could sound like this, I dig it. Boom! Mission accomplished.” Recently Mt. Doyle opened for The Funk Hunters “Funk The Halls” show at the Commodore Ballroom with openers Moontricks and Exmag, “it was nuts! They asked me last minute if I could open for them for their back-to-back shows, with the first night sold out. Hanging out backstage with everyone was just crazy, there was so much great talent back there like Delhi to Dublin, the capoeira dancers, Funk Hunter’s band. We were all in it together for two days right before Christmas so everyone was really stoked and supportive. I’ve always been a big fan of Exmag and they were fantastic but so down-to-earth. Playing for that massive crowd in The Commodore  alongside those artists  was pretty much a dream come true.”

Mt. Doyle is also famous for his Saturday afternoon sets at Tall Tree Music Festival on the Valley Stage where he and his troop of bubble babes command the stage with both auditory and visual euphoria. “Tall Tree is always my favorite set of the year. I’ve been playing at Tall Tree the same number of years I’ve been DJing. So hopefully, this year it’ll be 7/7, which is crazy. It’s always so fun playing on the side of that mountain on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The view is insane and somehow it’s never rained during my set!”


Xavier Photography

Mt. Doyle has big plans for this upcoming year and shared that he’s hoping this summer will be the ultimate summer of his DJ career. “I guess my biggest goals this year is to play at more festivals. I love what Atmosphere Gathering has going on up in Cumberland and I’d love to play Rifflandia and Shambhala”. If there is anyone who deserves to be booked for one of these festivals it’s got to be Mt. Doyle. There are a lot of talented DJs out there, but Mt. Doyle has something special. He’s the kind of guy you’re excited to see both behind the decks and on the dancefloor. His charisma, outgoing nature and genuine spirit is what translates into his eclectic and impeccable music selection which is what, in my opinion, makes him the best local DJ Victoria has to offer. His chill sets are like the mixed tapes you wish your partner made for you: beautiful, sultry and sexy at the same time. Each of his liquid drum and bass sets are satiated with girly vocals, reverberating beats and basslines that melt the heart, while his upbeat festival mixes incorporate remixes of your favourite tracks, intense funky baritones and provocative resonance.

2016 is already off to good start for Justin, “I’ve got my first festival booked in February at  Song and Surf, and it’s gonna be amazing! Smaller festival equals tighter vibe. I’m pumped to see Neighbor and Think Tank are headlining on the Saturday night. They’ve been favorites since back in the Soundwave days. Also, Man-made Lake, Grossbuster and Moontricks who killed it at the Commodore Ballroom.” You can also catch Mt. Doyle all over the island this weekend. He’ll be at The Cambie in Nanaimo BC on Friday Jan. 29 with Vortoozo and Hertz Donut. And on Jan. 30 He’ll be in Courtney playing at The Mex Pub with A Ron.


O Lindenlaud Photography

Although Mt. Doyle is busy with school, DJing and putting out fresh mixes for his fans he’s started up a new collaboration with local BC artists for those who are thirsty for some drum and bass, so stay tuned for more info on this exciting new venture!

So what are Mt. Doyle’s plans for the next few months? “I’m going to keep working hard in the new year and just try to build off what I’ve got going so far. I want to make my live sets better and more exciting.” More exciting than banana suits and bubble girls? We can’t wait to hear more!

Thank you so much to Mt. Doyle for sharing his magic and light with me. I can’t wait to dance my booty off at his next set and bask in the beauty of his music, and you can too! Enter for your chance to win two free tickets to The Cambie in Nanaimo BC this friday at my writer’s facebook page.

WORDS: ❤ Kalisi Luv #StayGenuine

LEAD IMAGE: Xavier Photography

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