Find Out What Treasure Fingers Is Packing In His Treasure Chest

Treasure Fingers aka Ashley Jones is currently on his Nite Trips tour through North America and is hitting up Vancouver’s sexiest weekly, Life Musik, this Saturday January 23rd with special guests Landis LaPace, Bitchin’ Camaro, and resident hottie Wmnstudies.

We caught up with the Fool’s Gold Records family member ahead of his set at the Alexander Gastown to find out what this southern gentleman packs in his treasure chest, how he spends his downtime, and what he thinks of Treasure Fingers fan ink!

TF LM poster.png


Betty & Kora: What was your “aha- this is what I want to be doing” moment that motivated you to follow a career in music?

Treasure Fingers: I’ve had two different “aha” moments. The first was when I was 13, my father showed me his multi-track recorder and taught me how to program drums through a midi sequencer. I had already picked up guitar & piano, so it was really just realizing that I had the capability to record several tracks and compose full songs by myself. The second big “aha” moment came after I went to a rave for the first time at age 16, I was glued to the DJ booth the entire night just watching their every move. I remember thinking it was so crazy that one person had so much power over everyone & could set the vibe of an entire warehouse simply by the way they mixed in particular records. I promptly ended my little punk band and jumped fully into electronic music production & DJ’ing after that point.

BK: If your deep sea pirate alter ego also called “Treasure Fingers” is packing his treasure chest- what pirate booty would he include?

TF: The realest answer would be to just pack a bunch of weapons in order to steal everyone else’s booty while on my voyage. But if it was more on the vacation cruisey tip, then my chest would include my significant other (she’s little), a sketchpad, pen, lots of chill music & a few books. Maybe some ginger gum for sea-sickness, and weed, for uh, medicinal purposes.

BK: Where do you see the sound you’ve curated for yourself heading?

TF: I honestly have no idea. I have the worst ADHD in the studio so something I started working on earlier in the day will sound radically different from the next project I start a few hours later. I am the king of just closing a project that I should clearly keep working on and starting something brand new. It’s a vicious cycle. That being said, the general margins for the “Treasure Fingers” sound are fun, club-friendly tracks with a dab of funk.

BK: What does Treasure Fingers downtime look like?

TF: My “work” is super fun so it’s a blur between actual downtime and work. If I’m not making music, then I’m usually designing, illustrating or editing video. I spend just as much time on the visual creative side as I do musically. On the rare occasion I’m not doing any of that, I’m usually outdoors with my girlfriend & our dog, getting as far away from technology as possible.

BK: How does playing smaller intimate shows compare to large scale audiences such as festivals? Do you have a preference?

TF: They’ve both got their magical tingly feelings. Big festivals are more like “HOLY SHIT I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS MANY PEOPLE ARE HERE GOING CRAZY!” The adrenaline rush is wild but in a weird sense you feel disconnected from the crowd. The small intimate club can be the most amazing experience ever when everyone is on the same vibe, the sound system is banging and you can actually feel the body heat from everyone near you. I love both, but feel much more at home in the small dark club. It’s just nice to feel personally connected, you can actually see their smiles, slap high fives from the booth & get down with everyone.

BK:We hear you’re quite the “southern gentleman.” What does the perfect Treasure Fingers date entail?

TF: A nice bottle of wine over a delicious dinner followed by a nice bottle of whiskey while going to the most random spontaneous places I can think of until the sun comes up.

BK: Have you encountered any fans with Treasure Fingers ink? Would that weird you out or be flattering?

TF: I haven’t encountered any with TF ink, but we’ve had quite a few Evol Intent (my other project) fans show us their tats of our logo. It’s super flattering. If anyone has any Treasure Fingers ink, I need to see! Once I was playing in Scotland and afterwards this guy was upset that I didn’t play “Cross The Dancefloor” in my set, as I was apologizing he whips out this dope old school style zippo lighter with “Cross The Dancefloor” engraved into it. That was really flattering, but also made me feel even worse for not playing the track that night haha. I’ve tried my hardest to play it in every set ever since then.

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