Bamboo Bass Fest is the Perfect Gift By: Kiddo


While the snow is still melting in Canada this February, the warm Costa Rican sun can vanquish our festival blues. At Bamboo Bass Festival, there awaits a journey for everyone to partake in, and the creators of this space want nothing more than for you to do just that.

The philosophy of this new festival in Jacó, Costa Rica is to grow together. We can each bring a talent that is significant and unique to the table and contribute to this new festival. That might mean looking for lifelong family, or developing our individual life goals with more efficiency and effect as we share in others’ experiences.


The beauty of the surrounding environment will inspire fresh outlooks. A weekend of positive memories, new experiences, and a focus on self-realization will provide opportunities for rejuvenation and personal growth. Together, we want to use this adventure to create a better reality every day – for ourselves and for everyone that we come into contact with in our daily lives.

Offering renowned talent from both the North , Central, and South Americas, the Doce Lunas resort will play host to {+/- 1000} international and regionally based attendees.


Among many friendly faces and key players from the Canadian festival scene, there is excitement building to meet new personalities from other places on the map. The perfect soundtrack to our beach party redemption includes renowned headliners like ill.Gates, who stole the show at many festivals this year with a new project, ill-Esha, as well as headliners Subvert, Afro Q-Ben, and turntable mastermind Mat the Alien. Perhaps one of the best surprises in this year’s roster is the participation of VibeSquaD, who announced he will retire in 2016. Bambo Bass Festival will now serve as the final hoorah and bid farewell to one of the genre’s most beloved musician/producer.



This weekend offers so much – an enriching vacation in a tropical utopia surrounded by the sweetest sounds from local artists I love listening to, including drum and bass dynamos Grey Matters and Distinct, the innovative Melo.nade and  Bamboo founders Boh Nanza and Crystal Fresh on the decks.

The list goes on and on as this talented lineup continues to grow. This weekend will be blessed with some of your favourite artists in a place visually synonymous with paradise, filled with the party to remember for the rest of your life. The stage designs and performance artists are sure to impress, and tropical beaches are the perfect backdrop for this experience.

The festival will not only feature top of the line PK sound, entertainment, aerial shows, and music, but also soundscape workshops, yoga sessions, massage therapy, surf lesson packages, and National Park expeditions at exclusive rates just for our patrons.


A Market Village will feature local vendors from Costa Rica and the region to support our Tico community. You may find cacao vendors, ceremonial sacraments, artisanal goods, art, crafts, and many more. This will be the perfect scenario to share cultures and bring home an amazing souvenir.

For prices lower than half of the festivals we attend every summer, what more could you ask for?

To buy tickets to Bamboo Bass Festival click here – use the code “BamboobassKiddo” at checkout to save $20.00 on your ticket price! International pricing for a 3 day GA weekend is $180.00 USD and hotel packages starting at $700 for your 3 day stay which includes access to all areas

❤ Kiddo

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