Betty & Kora’s Best Of 2015

Music makes our world go round. It’s the soundtrack to our lives, what brings us all together and unites us even when we are far away. It has the capacity to inspire a feeling, an emotion, a dance party, a smile, a memory, even a tear. We are so damn lucky to be surrounded by amazing music and all the glorious people, festivals, culture, and events that come with it every day. 2015 brought us so many happy musical memories and for that we are grateful. Below are the 2015 highlights in music from the Betty & Kora team, enjoy!


Track: “Gold” – Kiiara. This girl is artsy, dark and knows how to write a song. Break out artist of the year for me, aside from Louis The Child.

Album: Paradise – The Wood Brothers. Folk to the core. Beautiful musical composition, deeply emotive and an absolute honour to listen to.

Artist: Father John Misty. I fell I love with him at Pemberton. Intelligent, honest, commanding and engaging. A musical genius.

Festival: Tall Tree. I’ve spent 4 years working for this amazing event and I cannot express how much of a labour of love this is for the whole team. We work tirelessly all year to showcase local artists, donate most money back to our 2 non-profits and labour constantly to save old growth forest. And it’s a hell of a time.

Remix: “Lost + Found” – Pretty Lights (ODESZA Remix)

Mix: Mt Doyle.

Kiddo – Contributor

Track: “Afterglow” by Wilkinson. The lyrics, the music, the energy … this song never fails to give me goosebumps and has been a key soundtrack song to my life this year.

Album: Cyclical – Daktyl! My good friend Little Bear showed me this album, and it was this sound that made me begin appreciating trap.

Artist: The Weeknd. I can’t think of an artist that has captivated the world more this year, and there’s not a lot of people who can resist his sound.

Festival: Oh, FozzyFest! So many wonderful memories, so many good people; such a beautiful place.  This feel-good festival was the best way to spend a September weekend.

Remix: “Tennis Court” – Lorde (Flume Remix). This new sound is dominating EDM and this song in particular mesmerized people everywhere.

Mix: Insomniac Exclusive – Delta Heavy. I listened to it a lot this year and especially this summer.

Kalisi Luv – Contributor

Track: “It’s Strange” – Louis and the Child.

Album: Whatchu Know about Illvis – Illvis Freshly.

Artist: The Funk Hunters.

Festival: Tall Tree Music Festival.

Remix:Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift (St. South Rework).

Mix: Flow – Mt. Doyle


Track: I couldn’t pick just one!

“Fade Out Lines” – The Avener & Phoebe Killdeer. It’s SO FUCKING GOOD!

“Catch and Release” – Matt Simons (Deepend Remix). This song lifts your spirits and make any shitty day ok.

“King Kunta” – Kendrick Lamar. I think everyone and their dog remixed it this year but gawd dayum is it ever a good track.

Album: The Union – The Glorious Sons. A rare breed these days but holy hell this album is un- fucking-real. Their live show will change your life (seriously)! I would also have to add Say It Loud – GRiZ in there. GHETTO FUNK 4 EVER!

Artist: JackLNDN – Just try and not have a spontaneous living room dance party we dare you.

Festival: Shambhala… When I think of Shambala Music Festival all I can do is smile… Sometimes I even have a little giggle to myself. The farm feels like home for many wonderful reason but mostly because of the amazing festival family we get to be gloriously reunited with year after year.

Mix:  The Detour Podcast Series – The Funk Hunters. 100% excellence for all your house party, long car ride, dinner date, late night and early morning needs.

Festival Adventure: Boogalooooooo Mountain Jam with Betty- laughing so hard we cried, dancing so hard we actually got tired and loving every magical musical moment of it.


At Boogaloo Mountain Jam 2015

Jim – Videographer

Track: “Lean On” – Major Lazer & DJ Snake.

Album: Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 1 – GRiZ

Artist: G Jones

Festival: Bass Coast

Sean – Contributor

Track: “Countdown” – OAK.

Album: Continental Shelf – Viet Cong.

Artist: Space Jesus

Festival: Gnosis. A sweet little 250 person gathering I went to outside of Nelson, BC. You have to be invited and boated into this secret cove on crown land. The entire site is 95% rafuse built and fabricated by The Lost Boys, shipped in by boat and built for a 2 day love affair with a killer line up comprised of De Block, Melonade, Moontricks, Organic Mechanic, Metaphoricle and many more. Rock skipping comps, Rock Bucket, rope swings into the lake. Leave no trace and all for $50. Eye of Mind shot the whole thing. Total reset. Wow’ed the heck outta me.

Remix: “Close” – Sub Focus (Grandtheft Remix).

Mix: Decompression Series – OpenEnd SMF 2015 Feature.

The Classy Mess- Contributor

Track: “Night Bells” – Cherokee. After 10 months I have yet to see a time when that track wasn’t well received, regardless of the crowd.

Album: Currents – Tame Impala. I’d be lying to myself if I chose anything other than this as  my Album of the Year. “The Less I Know the Better” might be my favourite track on the album but it’s a tough choice.

Brett- Contributor

Track: “Don’t Wanna Fight” – Alabama Shakes. I dare you to not bob your head when Britney Howard comes in with her hurricane howl at the 40-second mark. I double dare you.

Album: To Pimp a Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar. It’s a hip hop masterpiece, instantly in the discussion for best rap album of all time. (Dark horse picks: Deep In The Iris – Braids, Painted Shut – Hop Along).

Artist: Doomtree. Their All Hands tour was the best concert I saw this year. Individually they can each bring the house down. Together, they’re unstoppable.

Festival: Bonnaroo. I took my first trip to the granddaddy of American music festivals last summer, and it didn’t disappoint. Believe the hype. 

Remix: “Doo Wop” – Lauryn Hill (Canis Major Remix). I have no idea who this Canis Major is, but this remix is the real deal.

Mix: Pharoah Height 2/30  – Lupe Fiasco. A concept mix tape so good it almost makes me forget about Lasers.



Murphy Gold – Contributor

Track: “Aftergold” – Bigwild. From listening to this song for the first time spinning around in my living room, to blasting it in the loaded car with all the girls up to Shambhala where I ventured into the Grove perfectly to hear it come to life right before my eyes.

AlbumWe’re All Desi – Delhi 2 Dublin. Was already a fan before the new album, but their new album was such a huge progression in their unique sound and really took their music to a new level. Really, really stoked on this album. GRiZ had a sweet one too though.

Artist: Kygo. I don’t think I’m the first one to admit that his countless melodic songs were a massive musical part to my summer, so easy to throw on a mix at the beach, in the car, camp sight, in the house, the park, ANYWHERE at ANYTIME and everyone knows all the words. Incredible.

Second choice for me would be Slynk, my first year at Shambhala this year and I watched the Fractal Forest explode into life during his set and it was something that stuck with me. Probably my favourite set of all of Shambs because of that.

Festival: Tall Tree. Felt like a family showcase on a picturesque mountainside… it started off the summer for so many people, including myself, and felt like we are all camping and at the festival as one unit. Jag Lounge on the last night was one of the highlights of my summer and i loved the intimacy of it, artists, campers, workers, everyone was all there together on the same page and it never felt like people had different positions, it felt like we ALL made it happen together the whole weekend. Amazing.

Kaiser – Contributor

Album: But You Cain’t Use My Phone – Erykah Badu

Artist: Kygo.

Festival: Bass Coast.

Remix: “And I Say” – Nicolas Jaar (xinobi edit).

Mix: SKMB Guest – That African.

Lauren- Content Manager

Song: “Voodoo” – Art of Sleeping. I still religiously listen to Australian radio station Triple J and when I heard this track I immediately became obsessed with it. I think I listened to it on repeat for a month.

Album: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful – Florence and the Machine. What an amazing fricken album from an amazing frontwoman (and band!). Saw their show at Rogers Arena in November and was blown away.

Artist: Grimes. Canadian treasure who is a true artist and fully invested into her craft.

Remix: ODESZA – Bloom (Lane 8 Remix). Hypnotizing, unusual, catchy. Just a TUNE.

Mixtape: Pleasantations Vol. 4 – Neon Steve. The entire Pleasantations series from Vegan Steven has been amazing and a reflection of what a versatile DJ he is. Dude knows how to pick a tune.

Festival: Envision in Costa Rica. Such a special festival and community in a beautiful part of the world. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend.


At Envision Festival 2015


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