It’s a Kartell Christmas

It wouldn’t be Christmas if we weren’t wrapping up a majorly talented artist under the tree for this upcoming Life Musik. Yes, ladies and gents, the ever-so-talented Kartell is coming in hot to VanCity this Saturday and we couldn’t be more excited to ring in this Holiday season with the man himself.


So, what’s on the Holiday menu? Well it sure ain’t Turkey. Kartell’s music is vibey. It makes me want to sit in a sunken living room with a bunch of sexy people draped in gold and drink gin. This man is all about setting the tone in an easy listening kind of way.

Kartell is a man on top of the Parisian electronic scene with his constant creativity and musical maturity. The confluence of his house, nu-disco and RnB mashups have become his signature sound…and perhaps that’s why he has found himself touring literally all over the world at such a young age. So Vancouver, give your ears an early Christmas present and head down to the Alexander Gastown on Saturday for an evening of music you won’t forget (and don’t forget to order gin…seriously).

– Betty



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