TONIGHT we DANCE with Vancouver’s ESCØBAR!


TONIGHT we DANCE with Vancouver’s ESCØBAR (of Topless and Bear Mountain) WMNSTUDIES and SIVZ. It should be nothing but the best of times 😉 Check out our interview below and see you on the D FLOOR!

Event Info Here!    |    Venue Info Here!

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K-  The short description on your facebook page is rather interesting… What’s it like to “live in the in between times, the Tuesday nights and the off days”?

E- We started DJing the off nights or the industry nights where only the really dedicated would come watch – most weekend warriors find Tuesday nights a shocking night to imbibe on. As a result you are given space to roam free like animals and try out different music that you usually wouldn’t play during peak times on a Saturday night. So the short version of the answer is, living in the in between times let’s you really let your hair down and experiment with life.



K- Do you have a go-to signature favourite dance move? If so, what does it look like?

E- I call it the fat baby dance. You slouch a little, with your feet about 4 feet apart, legs are bent but quite awkwardly, you push your face into your neck creating a nice double chin and put your hands in front of you like a lazy raptor. Once you have this pose down, you just bounce up and down to the beat in one place. It’s not really a dance that will find you a mate though.


K- If you had pet pineapple what would you name it?

E- Jimmy


K- You have two other respective musical projects: “Topless” and “Bear Mountain”. What inspired “Escobar”?

E- The name comes from a little town outside of Buenos Aires that I spent time in this year. It was part of a trip to Argentina and Brazil that was filled with love and thrillingly joyous music. When I came home, I wanted to create and play music that encapsulated what I felt on my trip. I knew Ian would understand and be down to go down the rabbit hole with me as we were already djing together. (under the moniker “DJ Mom and Dad”) Anyway we made a decision when I got back to make a go at Escøbar.


K- Lastly, How much money have you ever drunkenly spent at McDonalds?


E- Not much – I’m more of a fan of Uncle Fatih’s pizza. I could easily eat there every meal of the day.




Big ups to  ESCØBAR for taking the time to chat with us! Sending lots of love to all this Caturday night!

❤ B and K

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