Bit Catchy: Cats, Meaningful Quotes and More! <3

Happy Friday Ya’ll! We had the pleasure of asking Vancouver’s own “Bit Catchy” a couple questions. You can come kick it with this cool cat tomorrow night at The Alexander in gas town for another legendary evening of dancing-double-high-kicks-hugs-giggles-and-good-f*ing-times!  Brought to you by the cities finest: Life Music playing alongside this beauty will be WMNSTUDIES, and Loner.

Event Page Here | Venue Details Here


Check out what Mr. Bit Catchy himself has to say…

❤ B and K


“Music gives a spirit to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” -Plato


K – We saw this quote posted on your soundcloud…. (It’s beautiful.) If Plato and Bit Catchy were to make a musical love child what would it sound like?

BC – It would probably sound very calm and relaxing. Something that you could listen to while thinking about the meaning of life 🙂


K – What’s your favourite musical creation you’ve made so far?

BC – My remix of Galantis’s Runaway. Gives me chills every time I listen to it.

(You can have a listen here 😉 )

K – BBC wrote an article entitled “Music Festivals Won’t Die” what are your thoughts on this title? Do you think Music Festivals and the culture that comes with it are here to stay?

BC – Music festivals are definitely here to stay. Music unites and connects people on many different levels no matter their age, race or religion; it erases borders. When all those music lovers get together in one place, it creates such enormously powerful energy – you cannot experience it at a club, it’s indescribable and truly unforgettable. It inspires people and opens up their creative minds – which we all have but are not always able to access in our day-to-day lives.

Photo Cred: Xavier Walker ❤

K – What’s your favourite jam from the 90’s?

BC – Oh, so many.. Ok, I’ll pick one: Marky Mark – Good Vibrations

K – If you had a cat what would you name it and why?

BC – I would probably name it with something related to space because I’m a space buff. Maybe “Nebula” or “Orion” 🙂


Big ups to to Bit Catchy for being rad, talented and for taking the time to chat with us! Betty and Kora ❤ YOU!

Follow Bit Catchy at the links below:

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