The Future Is Now: Introducing The 10Fold Chair

Like all innovative ideas, they often have humble beginnings and morph into game-changing products and/ or services. The 10Fold chair by start-up industrial design company 10Fold Furniture is no different.


What is this innovative, game-changing product?

The 10Fold chair provides a low-cost alternative to other pop-up furniture. Featuring a structurally intuitive design that collapses flat, it is made of 100% repurposed cardboard that can be recycled at the end of the chair’s life cycle into a brand new chair! The patent pending design has been tested to hold over 500 pounds in moderate sitting conditions.


Who is the 10Fold chair for?

Anyone and any occasion that requires temporary seating: music festivals, weddings, out and in-door events, parties, and more. The list of possibilities is only limited by your imagination! Dream BIG!

The chair is a blank canvas,with the ability for clients to completely customize their chair as suited for their needs. The unique design proves that less is more.


How much does this incredible chair cost?

Starting at $10 the 10Fold chair is inexpensive and affordable to all.

Who is 10Fold Furniture?

10Fold represents a revolution in an industry that has been dying for a low cost solution. Sit on something that won’t break the bank, or the planet. How’s that for peace of mind?

10Fold Furniture has worked tirelessly to create an innovative solution to seating with low cost materials, intuitive instructions, durable design, undeniable versatility, stable construction, a low carbon footprint, and above all else: a low price. The 10Fold Chair is a revolution. It empowers you, the environment, the market, and your wallet. So if you need a camping chair, dorm room seating, or you’re just tired of standing at Coachella, this is your time to join the #10FoldRevolution.

Help 10Fold Furniture achieve their goal by donating to the Kickstarter Campaign!

10Fold Furniture only have a prototype. But with your help they can take the chair to production. Their risks are minimal, but in an effort for full transparency they need your support to achieve first run manufacturing costs, which include:

Printing Plates
Storage of Inventory
Web development

They also need support in developing features of the company that will make for a better user experience, such as the 3D texture mapping feature on the website to make Customizable graphics for all events. They also want to develop a selection of graphics and patterns, and work with local artists to bring unique chairs to customers.

They need to scale production as quickly as possible to grow the company and get into retail, then a few months down the road, at music festivals, trade shows, and outdoor events as summer hits.

10Fold Furniture on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



1 Comment on The Future Is Now: Introducing The 10Fold Chair

  1. mostafiz227 // May 24, 2016 at 10:09 am // Reply

    Virginia E. Vang : This is good concept on folding chair. It is very comfortable to use. I like it very much. Thanks for write this type of article.

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