Song & Surf Announces 2016 Lineup

Song & Surf Music Festival, one of B.C.’s premiere winter music festivals, combines Canadian art, music and culture with community alliance.  Hosted throughout the picturesque town of Port Renfrew, the multi-venue festival is nestled between multiple venues, easy walking or biking distance from each other. Attendees may book accommodation throughout the town or stay at a variety of campsites with shuttle service transporting guests to and from the festival.

From February 58, 2016 Port Renfrew will be overrun with beautiful people and ncredible Canadian talent featuring:

Yukon Blonde | Jesse Roper | The Wet Secrets | Moontricks |  Illvis Freshly | Jon Middleton | Wooden Horsemen | B-Mid | Dope Soda | Dougal Bain and Beard Wave | Fox Glove | Future Noir (Miami Nights 1984 and DJ Murge) | Grossbuster | Halal Beats | Mike Hann and Tyler Harvey | Lovecoast | Man Made Lake | Moonshiner | Mt. Doyle | Neighbor and Think Tank | Primitive | Televisions |  Xavier |  The Funkee Wadd | GI Blunt |  Fleetwood Smack.

The intimate festival has sold out of it’s weekend passes, but there are Night Passes available for entry into the night venues on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. See you in February!





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