Featurecast On What It’s Like To Get Funky In The UK

My recent interview with UK based Featurecast, known to his friends and family as Lee, has ignited my sense of adventure and curiosity about the European music scene. He has been a staple in both the Canadian and UK Funk communities for years and I was elated when he agreed to help me prepare for my upcoming European writing tour by sharing his insights. Featurecast’s style is a mix of mid-tempo Breaks, Hip-Hop, Funk, D&B and filthy Bass music.

He will be headlining Distrikt Nightclub in Victoria British Columbia (BC) on Thursday December 3rd with openers Illvis Freshly and Timothy Wisdom then travelling on to The Cambie in Nanaimo on Friday December 4th with Wax Organix  and the Illvis Freshly crew. Kyle, The Funkee Wadd, of Illvis Freshly boasted that Featurecast is one of the biggest inspirations in DJing due to his relentless mashups, scratching perfection, and buttery smooth mixes” and shared his excitement with me about their upcoming collaboration.

I started off by informing Lee that this summer, after Tall Tree Music Festival, I will be headed to Western Europe for most of July and August. The plan is to hit up as many festivals and major club events as possible and my health and wallet will allow. To this he suggested to look for “The Tremor Guys [who] put on amazing nights in London,” with headliners such as Griz, Gramatik, Chinese Man and Big Gigantic.

He went on to tell me that “no one does festivals like the UK” and that I should try to attend Glastonbury, Beatherder, Boomtown and Shindig so I’ll have to try to squeeze at least one into my schedule. However, I don’t see how any of these could surpass the divinity that is my favourite Canadian festival: Shambhala, which Featurecast mentioned in an interview with thatDROP.com, as one of his favourite places to play.

When I asked him why, he explained “There is a great appreciation for Breaks, Funk and more niche styles of music in BC that is sometimes ignored by the UK”. At this point I became curious, where can I find the good vibes in the UK? “Bristol, London and Leeds and without fail any festival I go to in the UK in the summer I always hear funk and mid tempo music playing-it’s just not always given the main stage slots that it deserves.” I guess that means I’ll be hunting the funk at the renegade stages!

Featurecast then shared a little secret with me about the UK funk scene, which used to be quite cliquey but has recently switched to a more collaborative artistic approach. “There has been a scene for mid tempo and funk here since the days of Goodgroove Records which people like me and Slynk started up on but it’s never really taken off on the scale it has in Canada–I put a lot of this down to Shambhala and the Fractal Forest–people travel from all over the west to go there, they have an amazing time with great music, then they travel home to their individual towns and spread the word.” Clearly we have something special here in BC, a kind of kinship between artists who share their passion for music both with each other and their fans.

I am so grateful for the electronic music community that I’ve spent half my life participating in, and I can’t wait to experience what the Europe funk scene has to offer. What about Featurecast, what is his plan?  “I’ve got a busy year planned where you will see my new album dropping which I’m really excited about. Then a new DJ mix, some more releases on Jungle Strikes, a new sample pack and a couple of secret projects I’ve got in the works.”

Until then, we’d like you to carouse in this satisfying Mixtape: BLAM! by Featurecast.

Thank you so much to Lee of Featurecast for sharing his wisdom with me, I feel a little more prepared for my trip across the ocean, but there is still so much more to learn! Make sure to check out one of his two sets on Vancouver Island–I guarantee you won’t want to miss these musical talents.

Want a chance to win two free tickets to the Victoria show Ft. Illvis Freshly and Timothy Wisdom at Distrikt Nightclub? Check out my Facebook page for details!

WORDS: Kalisi Luv #staygenuine



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  1. Deffo get yourself to Beatherder.. its cheaper than the rest (tickets, food and drink) a bit smaller but packs more than most 🙂

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