Who Is Louis The Child?

Louis The Child is sometimes called Louis III or Louis IV, was the king of East Francia from 899 until his death. He was the last East Frankish ruler of the Carolingian dynasty. Or at least that is what Wikipedia says.

I’m sure Louis back in 899 was a really swell dude over a Millenia ago, but the Louis The Child we know now are a little more relevant to 2015.  Enter:  Freddy Kennett  and Robby Hauldren from Chicago. They make music in hopes of simply making people happy…which I’m totally down with and appreciate the simplicity of their musical mission.

In all honesty the first time I played ‘It’s Strange’ I put down my ice cream that I was crushing by myself and had a private listening party. I turned the music up so load that I pissed off my roommate while I thought to myself ‘who the fuck is this and how do I listen to them all-of-the-time?’ From all of my years listening to music I can say one thing: when music moves you to the point of complete immersive distraction – there is nothing quite as cognitively infiltrating…well maybe love or sex, but in many ways, music champions – and that is why it is so powerful.

On Saturday November 28, 2015, Louis The Child is going to take over Vancouver…and this is one show I wouldn’t miss for the world. Mark my words: if there is one group that should be on your radar it is these two guys from Chicago. So clear that schedule, put Tinder down, gather your homies and head down to The Alexander Gastown for Life Musik’s latest and greatest show. Get your tickets here and I will see you on the dance floor. – Betty


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