Get to Know JackLNDN…

Kora took a few minutes to have a chat with her summer time – super fun – favourite – new amigo – JackLNDN. This is quite possibly her favourite interview of all time (loaded statement we know).  Sooooo… In saying that, we would like to kindly request that you to take a deep breath, get ready to laugh your ass off and have a read!

Furthermore, we would also like to courtly invite you ALL to come dance with us this Caturday Night at the Alexander in Gas Town.  This will be an EPIC night  beyond believe of Life Musik  with the MAN himself alongside WMNSTUDIES, Sex Vibes and Pitsu.  We can’t wait to see you all there for some hugs, high fives, and of course high-kicks!

Tickets Available Here | Event Info Here


Without further ado here’s the interview. We hope you enjoy!

❤ B and K


Jack and Betty at Shambhala

K – What’s your spirit Animal and how did you find it?

J- “Spirit animals are a relatively new concept for me, so I don’t think I have had time to find it yet. But temporarily until my search is complete and I have a true spirit animal, I would choose a Stag… because it’s what Harry’s patronus charm takes the form of. Yes I am an HP nerd. Deal with it.”


Harry Potter’s patron’s charm… A Stag

K- “On average, how many times a week do you hurt yourself trying to sing dance in the shower?” 

J- “No more than 6, it’s mostly when the arms get a little too involved and start flailing around … or when the key change hits and you enjoy it that little bit too much.”

K- “As someone who travels a lot…. Do you fall in love with the places you go easily?”

J- “Because my schedule is pretty busy I have very little time to judge the vibe of a place when I go there. I have gotten very good at picking up on the smaller details and can now tell whether I like a city within just a few minutes. It’s almost always the people themselves that influence my feelings rather than the architecture or the famous spots. That said I’m a bit of a sucker for touristy spots. Catch me visiting the bean every time I’m in Chicago, or for example, I was in Albuquerque last weekend and went to see all the characters houses in Breaking Bad haha. Sometimes the most obvious places are the best.”


Jack at Jesse Pinkmans house…

K- “Do you have a favourite festival you’ve attended? If so why?”

J- “Er, Shambhala… because you two gems were there. It was where our friendship solidified after our brief champagne foot spa encounter at Pemberton Fest haha. Anyone reading this B&K are the best people to go to a festival with in the history of humankind. Just sayin. Shambhala is a crazy place, full of self expression and incredible stages and lineups, as well as really really great people. Would go back in a heartbeat and bring all my best friends with me.”


Jack’s set at Shambhala – The Pagoda Stage

K- “Tell us about your most recent and favourite musical creation?”

J- “Right now, I’m working on my live show ready for 2016. It’s definitely my proudest musical creation to date. I’ve written a bunch of music specifically for the show, that utilities all the gear in the setup. The setup itself is a great creation because of what it enables me to do. It’s like a musical sand box, that I can endlessly play around in, trying out sounds and combinations and playing in new ideas. It’s enabling to me go beyond djing (which btw is one of my favourite things ever) and really express myself as a musician.”



The Pagoda Stage Shambhala

K-  “Lastly, What do you think cats dream about?”

J- “I read recently that cats (much like their larger ancestors) spend a lot of time plotting to kill their owners. Not sure I believe that to be entirely true but it is hilarious. I love the idea of cute little Mr Bigglesworth dreaming up endless ways in which kill everyone in his house, having tricked them all into loving him. So yeah. Cats obviously dream about murder…”



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1 Comment on Get to Know JackLNDN…

  1. My insides are warm and happy from laughing quietly in this room full of random strangers. Best interview ever.

    & I concure about the cat murder plot. Assholes.

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