Rainer & Grimm: On Their Return to VanCity + The Release of Their New OG Track

Rainer and Grimm need little introduction in the Canadian electronic music scene. If you’ve followed us over the years, you will know that we’ve featured the Canadian duo’s music multiple times, and are excited to share their brand new original track that was released yesterday, titled ‘Talk to Me’ featuring Melanie. It’s got the vibes that has one foot on the dance floor and one sipping a margarita on a beach in Cabo. Digg’n it.

On Saturday, November 14, 2015, Rainer and Grimm return to VanCity for the collaborative weekly Life Musik, located at the Alexander Gastown, presented by Timbre Concerts, Betty and Kora and Heineken. We had the chance to ask them a few questions before they arrived in the city.

Betty: You’ve played in VanCity before. What are you looking forward to returning to the west coast?

Rainer: Besides the fact that Vancouver is such a beautiful city, we’re looking forward to hanging out with some of the great people we’ve become friends with over our last couple of trips here. We’re always in good company out west!

Betty: It’s been over a year since we’ve seen each other. What has been the biggest win for you guys this year as a duo?

Rainer: Well this week we’re releasing our first original in “Talk to Me ft. Melanie”. Before this we had seen all of our success strictly from remixes, which has done wonders for us but releasing original content will definitely be a game changer for us albeit a little too early to tell.

Photo cred: Exemption Entertainment

Photo cred: Exemption Entertainment

Betty: What can people expect from your upcoming show in Vancouver (people who have never attended one of your shows before)

Grimm: We’ve spent the last year really crafting our live set as we’ve toured around north america, slowly introducing more and more of our own content to the sets. You’ll hear sweet sing-alongs to dirty baselines and everything in between. We’re really looking forward to showcasing a strong set for all our west coast friends!

Betty: Since the new weekly is called ‘Life Musik’ – which music (artists) do you both need in your lives?

Rainer:  I can’t go anywhere without a Beatles album or two. They’re who I always go back to when I have trouble finding modern music that really resonates with me. They’ve always recharged my inspiration in music.

Grimm: I listen to a lot of folkier stuff like James Vincent McMorrow, Justin Vernon, Dan Mangan for travel/flight soundtracks, but on the day to day I can’t go without a healthy dose of Rnb, old and new.

Make sure to check out Life Musik this Saturday night.

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