The Wooden Horsemen | A Review of Oct. 23

When the Wooden Horsemen walk into the room you sure as hell notice. The group of seven artists are weavers of timeless music, dusting each song with remnants of folk, blues, country and rock. Band members MIssy Cross (percussion and vocals), Steven Beddall (guitar and vocals), Owen Connell (organ and guitar), Peter Bowels (piano and organ), Cole Graham (trumpet), Joseph Matt (bass), Paul Clark (drums) and Alex Hauka (cello and vocals) work together to create not only beautiful music, but authentic. And that means a lot.

On Friday, October 23, 2015, the Wooden Horsemen took front and centre of what is becoming one of my favourite intimate venues in Vancouver, The China Cloud. The half studio, half venue space is endearing and nostalgic and it exhumes this warm and tastefully artsy persona that is overwhelmingly rare to find in a venue in Vancouver. It’s like going to your friends aunts house that bakes really good cookies but is also an avid vintage button collector. Does that make sense?

wooden horsemen

The room was nearly dog-piled wall-to-wall with eager audience members hanging off every vowel and stroke made by the band. It was apparent that they have a loyal following here in Vancouver, but are quickly growing in popularity as I heard many onlookers asking questions and making i-notes in their glowing iphones while simultaneously Instagramming their #BestNightEver. No matter how many times I see the Wooden Horsemen play, I am always overwhelmingly impressed with their musicianship, song writing and unity as a band. It exudes timeless and ageless appeal that humbles you limitlessly. This is one of the hardest working bands I know, and is one not to miss. So the next time they play…you should go listen.


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