We are excited to share with you the news that our buddy Kevan McGovern’s passion project, a little thing called, The Shambhala Experience, got it’s digital release yesterday! Kevan shines a light on one of Canada’s most unique festival experiences, one that is very close to our hearts – Shambhala Music Festival.

Fans of electronic music and cultural phenomena alike can receive a digital download of The Shambhala Experience documentary when they contribute $10 or more towards funding the completion of the upcoming feature film I/O: An Electronic Music Documentary.  The I/O Kickstarter campaign and film trailers can be viewed at:

I/O (Input/Output) examines the connection between electronic music, human beings, and cultural anthropology.  Filmmaker Kevan McGovern brings a new and innovative perspective to electronic music culture and the people that connect to it. Having been dedicated for the past five years to bring both projects to light, this past summer he successfully completed a six city theatrical tour of The Shambhala Experience to rave reviews.

Performing artists making appearances in both films include DJ Z-Trip, Opiuo, Dub Fx, Datsik, Chali 2na, Rusko, Dieselboy, DJ Stickybuds, ill-esha, LongWalkShortDock, and more. The I/O Kickstarter campaign launches October 26th 2015 and concludes November 27th 2015.  The Shambhala Experience documentary will only be available during these dates.

Kevan is a seasoned documentary filmmaker from Vancouver, BC with over a decade of experience in the fields of directing, cinematography and post production. Having created 19 short documentaries, numerous music videos and one web series to date, I/O marks his first feature length film.

LEAD IMAGE: Charlotte Dobre Photography

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