Boutique festivals somehow seem to have a certain “je ne said quoi” about them. Atmosphere Gathering, a darling festival nestled in the quaint little town of Cumberland, BC certainly has a quality about it that cannot be described, it must be experienced.


The tribe that surrounds this festival calls for a different kind energy: a big beautiful, bright and nurturing one. It’s about gathering people together for the love of music, art, creativity, culture, and dance. It’s the type of  festival that has a soul, and it leaves you with a warm and light heart at the end of it.


Whether your jam is to get moving with a little hula of the hoop, intentionally gathering to move and stretch, or awakening the healer within, there is a little something for everyone. Every corner provides a unique experience, like taking in the cultural soundscapes of Nahko and Medicine for the People. This family friendly festival is loaded to the brim with incredible artists, dancers, vendors, and workshops.


We decided to capture this warm fuzzy feeling festival this year through the lens of one of favourite photographers Cody Simon. We hope you enjoy and we can’t wait to see you all back at the gathering next year.


❤ B and K and Mindy and Cody Rad Gnar Simon 

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