5 Reasons Why Victoria Loves Rifflandia Music Festival!

1. It Has It’s Own Beer!

For the past five years Phillips Brewery has created its own special beer for Rifflandia called ‘Rifflandabrau‘ which is one purr-fect Pilsner! This year the label is adorned with one cool cat in full Caturday attire. Make sure to purchase some drink tickets and try out this limited edition beer that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.


2. It Has Daily Themes!

Who doesn’t like dressing up? Well get your tickle trunk stocked full of goodies for Rifflandia’s daily themes! Friday starts off in the Royal Athletic Park at 3pm with the theme Fruit Salad so get out your banana costumes and plastic pineapples and join us at The Choir’s opening set. Then we have Caturday Saturday (Betty & Kora’s favourite!) and Tie-Dye Sundye!

Photo Credit: Rifflandia Festival

3. Venues For All Ages!

Want to dance in the sun with your little ones? Or attend evening shows but are not of legal drinking age? Rifflandia has all types of venues which are age inclusive. So don’t miss any of your favourite acts because of age restrictions, day and night passes are available for everyone. To find out more click here.


4. You Can Sleep In Your Own Bed!

We all know that that it’s hard to get much needed R&R during festivals, but not with Rifflandia! All venues (18 in total) are located in the downtown Victoria area so it is easy to a) jump between venues so you don’t miss your favourite acts and b) head home for a restful night of sleep so you can do it all over again the next day. Remember, it’s important to drink lots of water, eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and who doesn’t like a good epsom salt soak at the end of the night? We want everyone in tip-top shape!


5. The Eclectic Array of Musical Talents!

Rifflandia doesn’t hold back when it’s time for booking their musical acts. This year’s headliners include Chromeo, Modest Mouse, Mother Mother, Julian Casablancas + The Voidz, Kiesza, Joey Bada$$, Arkells, and Tokyo Police Club. They are also big supporters of local talents like Illvis Freshly, Acres of Lions, Jesse Roper, Pigeon Hole, and Mr. Moe as well as other artists from all over Canada. We love Rifflandia for providing the up-and-comers with an opportunity to share the stage with some amazing and world-renowned acts! Thanks Rifflandia for being so inclusive! ❤

Let’s end this summer with a BANG! Meet us front right for a dance party you won’t forget, and remember to bring your dancing shoes!

WORDS: Kalisi Luv ❤

PHOTOGRAPHY: Matt Love Photography (unless credited otherwise)



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