Dear Jon: Thank You For The Worlds Best Hug <3

Dear Jon H:

It was three Shambhala Music Festivals ago that I had the pleasure of meeting you for the first time, alongside several other of my now favourite humans. Your afro puffs and kind eyes had me at hello and it was most definitely FRIENDS ON after that. I didn’t know it at the time, but that first glorious encounter we at had at Living Room Stage would change Betty I’s lives forever and mark the beginning of an incredibly beautiful lifelong friendship.

Jon 01

Two weeks after we danced and double-high-kicked our way through those unforgettable Shambhala adventures, we had our second rendezvous. As luck would have it — out of the 80,000+ people on the playa of Burning Man and the thousands of art cars cruising around in the dust — I found you there my very first night. My Burning Man spirit guide, partner-in-crime and I decided to pull our bikes over for a much needed dance party in front of the very art car you happen to be playing on. You saw me from afar and couldn’t believe your eyes that it was me. You packed up your DJ gear and made your way over to confirm if the Kora sighting.  You then proceeded to give me one of the best hugs I’ve ever had.  As if two old souls we’re reunited again, I could feel your familiar shining light and felt safe in your embrace as our karmic energies swirled and twirled about in the dust above us. There was so much love in that playa hug, and truly was a rare, beautiful and memorable moment that I will never forget.

I wanted to write you this letter to say thank you for that. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for some of my most favourite random encounters and all the epic adventures. Thank you for your big heart, bright light, and beautiful soul. Thank you for the music that has and will remain the soundtrack to my life. Thank you for the laughs and many incredible memories. And thank you again for the worlds best hug.

Jon 05

Today is Funky Friday at Funky Town – going down on the Playa of Burning Man. Funky Friday was made for you, and I have amazing memories of you there in all your glory.  I know you’ll be there and I know you can feel the love. You are in my thoughts and forever in my heart. Happy Funky Friday to you Jon H. Love you to bits dear friend.

❤ Kora

Jon 02

1 Comment on Dear Jon: Thank You For The Worlds Best Hug <3

  1. Beautiful letter. Jon was a great find of mine And the outpouring of love – it’s obvious to so many. He is one of the main reasons I finally got my butt to Burning Man.. He and Pamela had told me for years that I’d love it… So glad I got to experience it with him. For a couple years… Sorry you couldn’t make it to DC for the DC memorial. I have a feeling our paths will one day cross.. 💗💗💗

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