Slynk Releases Debut Album ‘Front Yard Futon’, Launches Official Merch

One of the funkiest DJ and producers on the planet, Slynk, has dropped his debut album Front Yard Futon. This debut release has been a long time coming for the expat, who originally is from Brisbane, Australia but has thrown down his roots here in Vancouver. Slynk’s passion and skill has seen him grow from his humble beginnings playing small bars in his home town, making and releasing boolegs for which he gained recognition in the industry, to releasing numerous EPs and original tracks and touring the world as a headlining act.

Front Yard Futon features a number of Slynk’s friends and collaborators, such as AfroQBen, Max Ribner, JPOD the beat chef, Beat Fatigue, Timothy Wisdom, StereoCool, Mr. Bill, and Dunks from The Funk Hunters.

Purchase this Front Yard Futon on bandcamp or iTunes.

For a limited time only if you head over to the Slynk merchandise store you will receive a copy of the album FOR FREE with your purchase.

Follow Slynk on AppleMusic | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter

Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 4.01.48 PM


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