The Shambhala Captains Log – A Nautical Recounting of Events by Betty & Kora

No, Shambhala Music Festival is not located on a boat…or anywhere near the ocean for that matter. It was however a journey of epic proportions and since we were the captains of our own experience, we logged our trip down the rabbit hole minute by minute and day by day, bringing you our very first B&K captains log. And since recounting our third Shambhala is sometimes far too ridiculous, we found contextualizing it through a journal entry system was an appropriate format. So, without further ado, here is the B&K Shambhala Captain’s Log.


Day 1 | Friday, August 7, 2015 | Fishing for Ravers

11:30am | We play tetris with our tickle trunk full of costumes, attempting to do the impossible and fit all of them into a single bag that will be later checked on our Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Castlegar. Questionable success, and even more questionable going through the airport security screening process.

1:30pm | Board the plane feeling alarmed at the amount of coffee consumed prior to arriving at our seats.


1:42pm | Have to pee but can’t because we are taking off. Questioning all previous decisions about drinking coffee.

2:35pm | Touch down on the tarmac. Find fake ducks floating in the fountain that greets you at the Castlegar Airport. Laugh at ducks. Give ducks an Official License for Being Cool.

4:30pm | Arrive home (aka Shambhala). The smiles couldn’t be slapped off our faces and we are gyrating with excitement. Wave hello to the cows and pigs and pet one donkey on our way in. For those of you confused, Shambhala is a working farm.

5:00pm | Embrace nearly 40 people as we get to camp. Suddenly crave cheese.

5:02pm | Eat a block of cheese #noregrets

5:15pm | Remove all remnants of the city life and transform into a member of the Shambhala community – aka change into a fabulous outfit, bedazzle our faces and turn-up our weirdness factor.

6:00pm | Begin our favourite pastime, and visit our first two porta-potties and start to review the poetry, statements, jokes and doodles on the walls. Betty takes photo.


6:20pm | Meet one of our new BFF’S of the weekend Jack Lndn. This cat has more finesse than Kora’s shampoo and conditioner from Paris. Friends on Jack…friends on.

7:10pm | Start filming our first segment for Festival TV with the one and only Tucker aka The Festival Guy. We end up making it to the end of our campsite…interview pretty much everyone…shocker.


8:00pm | Still in campsite interviewing everyone. Topics of discussion: festival gifting, really, really high people, spirit animals and hummus. Not bad.


8:02pm | We get a turn table lesson in the Turn Temple, a mobile school of sorts, on how to use turn tables and DJ equipment properly. Sick. Shout out to Peter for your lesson.


8: 30pm | Fishing for ravers (otherwise known as #FSHNG4RAV3RS) – like this is legit. Step 1: get a fishing rode. Step 2: get your fishing for raver license. Step 3: helium tank. Step 4: LED balloons. Step 5: strap your bait onto the line and send them balloons up in the sky. Step 6: Wait for it. Step 7: Ravers see balloons – slowly reel them in. Step 8: Dunno…now you have a bunch of ravers wanting to steal your balloons.

8:45pm | Beeline into the Fractal Forest away from our latest catch.

8:48pm – 2:50am | Get trapped in the Fractal Forest aside from escaping for half of Skrillex’s set at The Village. Our workout begins with Slynk, Fort Knox Five, The Funk Hunters, Stickybuds and Smalltown DJs.

8:50pm | Commence aerobics, dancing, late-night lunges. Hand out “Official Licenses for Being Cool’ to really cool people that are doing really cool things.

9:15pm | Question if the Fractal Forest is a real place…come to the same conclusion 3 years in a row that it simply can’t be. Slap self in the face….yep…this is really happening.


10:10pm | Take nearly 90 minutes to channel Jon H from Fort Knox. We are completely blown away by Steve and Jason (Qdup) taking the reins and playing a set we will never forget. Emotions are running high, but we bust out many double-high kicks in his honour. We love you Jon.


11:25 | The Forest has officially been “Pressurized”!

11:30pm | The Funk Hunters begin their set. James Brown is channelled. Everything is okay.

12:40pm | Run to Skrillex’s set in The Village. Totally packed…but not surprised. Realize how vertically challenged we are. Get completely side-tracked with a new sign that has glowing eyes. Lose half of our crew in the madness. Compliment Tucker on his coat.

12:50pm | Thank our ear-plugs for doing such a stand-up job.

1:15am | Run back to catch Stickybuds and Smalltown DJs.

BED…at some point.


Day 2 | Saturday, August 8, 2015 | The Curious Case of Mini Golf

11:00am | Wake up overheating in the van. Reach for water…no water. Sad. Find spray fan…happy.

11:10am | Laughing outbursts begin from the bathrooms. Betty takes more photos.

12:00pm | Jump into river. Lay in river…feel better about life.

1:00pm | Head to The Village Stage for the Hip Hop Showcase. Blown away. Get our swag on…and of course listen to our favourites: Pigeon Hole. Love.

2:30pm | We meet Sunflower Man, who later becomes a Shambha-lebrity (a celebrity of Shambhala). We watch him dance and give him an official license. We love you man of the Sunflowers – you are the coolest.

4:00pm | Discover that there is MINI GOLF on the roof of the Village Stage. Dope. Like soooo dope. Challenge all of our crew to a game….quickly becomes a golf-club dance party and all of the balls be flying.

8:00pm | Head over to Jack Lndn’s set at The Pagoda. Have a listening party at first which turns into a dance party. Get side tracked with the dude carrying the pineapple sign. Loved this set because it started in the light and slowly turned to dark. Please check out Jack Lndn’s music – he is a gem.

9:30pm | Kidnap Kid starts. Epic set and we’re feeling so good about life. Can I get a hell yeah?

11:37 | New Best Friend Benny Freebound looks at us and says: “This is one of those places I wish I had a dry sponge so that I could soak up all the extra happiness and keep it for later” We embrace in a group hug to celebrate the fact that we all agree.

12:00am | Stop at the curry food truck. Eat all of the curry. Holy hell is that sauce good….just get in our mouths.

1:00am | GRiZ – aka DJ Chris. Long story….but our girl Lauren aka B&K’s Content Manager thought that GRiZ’s DJ name was actually DJ Chris. We’re happy that she can tell him this story face-to-face…cause DJ Chris is the best.

2:30am | Mystery Headliner is actually Zeds Dead. Feeling stoked that it wasn’t Justin Beiber – which most people thought it would be. I mean…can you really picture the Beibs at Shambs….?

3:33 | Party Ninja 5000 is lost and found!


4:00am | Blur.

Day 3, Sunday, August 10, 2015 | Spring Break Laine

12:00pm | Pad Thai for breakfast. Like…this is the breakfast of all breakfasts. Move over pancakes. Move over gluten. Rice noodles for daysssss.

1:30pm | Meet Ahee – a triple flute player – who plays a fourth out of his nose. We are most impressed. He might be the coolest person yet. Give him a license and he also tells us that he raps in alien languages. Dope. Friends on.

1:45pm | Adventure on the river. Find a mermaid, dude on a swing….bought sick sunglasses from a chick in the woods. Explore the gardens. All in all a really good afternoon.


4:00pm | FUNK JAM. If you have the chance to go to Shambhala – do not miss this. Get your afro on and cover yourself in FUNK.

7:00pm | We are reunited with DJ Chris (GRiz), Jack, Laine and Jack. Happiness levels are at an all time high. Friends on.

7:15pm | Meet Thomas Jack. Fan girl slightly (a lot).

8:46pm | Kora’s eyes start to prickle with nostalgic emotions of happiness as Moontricks ends his set at The Grove Stage with a song he wrote about Shambhala (off his new EP) entitled “Home”.

10:00pm | Neon Steve in the Fractal. Steve is like the cream to our coffee. He also holds the award for Best Dressed 5 festivals running.

11:00pm | Big Gigantic at The Village. Minds are blown. Find the secret slide and challenge several people to a race. We all lose after piling onto one another.


11:40pm | Thomas Jack at The Pagoda. Literally dance like no-one is watching. Spring Break Laine danced like no one was watching either. Feeling proud.

12:30am | Kygo. Felt like we were 16 again.

12:33 | Kiki looks at Kora and says: “How can one person make so many people happy”? They hug it out while pondering the question.


3:00am | More curry. All of the curry in our mouths. Debate whether butter chicken is better than Dhal. Still not sure.

5:30am | Head to Fractal for the famous Monday Morning Party. This is the party of all parties. Rich-E-Rich played one hell of a set along with everyone else who stepped onto the decks.

7:00am | Ketchup Chip fight with Big Gigantic. Yes…we love Ketchup Chips okay…and yes Canadians are weird. Chip debate begins.
8:00am | Still discussing what chip flavour is better.

Than concludes our Captains Log of Shambhala 2015.

We love you.

Words and Photos By: Betty and Kora ❤


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