Sunfest Country Music Festival in partnership with the District of North Cowichan announce their 2015 strategic fire safety plan for the Cowichan Exhibition Grounds, focusing on increased fire prevention and education, public safety, additional onsite water resources and a heightened presence from fire department staff.

Fire safety has always been of the utmost importance at Sunfest, and this year existing resources will be boosted due to the extreme fire hazard warning placed on the Cowichan Valley Regional District. To reduce the risk of fires in the campground and concert bowl, festival organizers have placed a fire ban on propane fire pits and charcoal cooking devices. Cooking appliances must be 4 feet off of the ground at all times or they will not be permitted, such as cook stoves and barbecues.

A 24-hour a day presence from the North Cowichan Fire Department including a fire truck on site, strategically placed water stations throughout the Cowichan Exhibition Grounds, round the clock security and clearly marked designated smoking areas will greatly increase the safety of the event and reduce the risk of fires.

“This year’s Sunfest is shaping up to be another hot one, and similar to last year, we have an extensive plan in place” comments Brad Coleman, Deputy Fire Chief, North Cowichan, South End. “North Cowichan (South End) Fire crews and Sunfest staff will be doing our very best to educate and enforce safe practices to help ensure this year’s event is as safe as it can be. Crews will be cruising the site in BRIGHT orange ATV’s 24/7, so please feel free to stop us, say hello or ask questions. We are onsite for the safety of all patrons and feel that we have a good fire plan in place, working side by side with other safety personal and event staff to ensure public safety is priority number one.”

The Sunfest Team reminds everyone to please enjoy the festival safely and responsibly. If you are a smoker, festival organizers ask that you ensure that all cigarette butts and matches are safely disposed of in a proper receptacle and never placed on the ground. If you wish to bring a cook stove or barbecue, these apparatuses must be 4 feet off of the ground and always have someone watching the stove and tending to food.

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