Air Quality Advisory Lifted, Wildfires Pose No Threat To Pemberton Music Festival

Air Quality Advisory Lifted As Pemberton Music Festival Gets Underway This Week | Government Officials Confirm Wildfires Pose No Immediate Threat To Festival Site | Festival Continues To Provide Fire Safety Guidelines To Attendees.

HUKA Entertainment is pleased to report the Pemberton area Air Quality Health Index readings are back to low-risk numbers after changing weather patterns and dissipation of air particulate matter this weekend.  The BC Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, ended the Wildfire Smoke Advisory for the Sea-to-Sky corridor on Saturday, July 11, noting that fine particulate levels had dropped below the Provincial Ambient Air Quality Objective at all monitoring stations.  This announcement came on the heels of a statement at the end of last week from provincial, local and First Nations government officials, which confirmed that conditions of wildfires approximately 70 km from the Pemberton Music Festival site pose no immediate threat to the event.

However, while mild weather is forecasted to maintain this week leading into Pemberton Music Festival, event organizers would like to remind both festival attendees and guests of the community to be mindful of fire hazards during their stay.  As has been the case since the festival was announced in the fall of 2013, campfires are not permitted at Pemberton Music Festival. Moreover, similar to last year’s event, complimentary portable ashtrays will be available on site for smokers, in addition to ash receptacles around the festival site.  Patrons who smoke should never put cigarette butts out on the ground, and are also encouraged to bring their own non-flammable, closable containers to collect their ashes and butts, in addition to the aforementioned festival-provided ash receptacles.  Campers using small, permitted propane stoves must never leave them unattended when in use, under any circumstances.  All festival attendees are reminded that if they see something smoking or on fire, to immediately report it to festival staff.

Jack Crompton, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) Board Chair, has advised that during this critical time, people need to be extremely careful with their cigarettes.  He encourages people to be vigilant, pay attention to others making mistakes, and to chat with them about the fire risk for the safety of everyone.

Village of Pemberton Fire Chief Robert Grossman notes that the festival is in a high state of preparedness for any fire-related emergency that should arise during the event this week.

“For the past several months, I have been working closely with HUKA to ensure adequate safety measures and emergency plans are in place for the Pemberton Music Festival,” says Grossman.  “I have reviewed their emergency and evacuation plans and can say with confidence that HUKA has done an excellent job of preparing their site and addressing safety and fire concerns.”

The SLRD, in coordination with provincial, local and First Nations government officials, provides an outline of community emergency and evacuation provisions at

Unless conditions dramatically change, resulting in a government-declared safety alert, attending the festival is a personal choice.  Patrons are advised to watch the updates provided at and in assessing how conditions might impact their health.  The provincial government also suggests utilizing the personal preparedness resources found at

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