Find Minnesota This Friday!

Whatever you do this weekend in Calgary, it should include one last hurrah at Republik. The iconic 17th Avenue spot that has hosted so many great memories for us all will soon close its doors, giving us all a really great reason to party. If you do want to say your goodbyes to a club that has played a huge role for many of our formative electronic experiences, you can catch Minnesota rattling the structure this Friday, June 19th.

Presented by Symbiotic Sound & Chicken Young, this is a guaranteed good time for those bassheads who are more interested in the glitch and dub tempos not being offered at other parties in this city that night. Minnesota‘s fresh take on these genres already chock-full of talent will give you a reinvigorating look at the more melodic side of bass music, without sacrificing the rumbling low notes we look forward to from the speakers stacked in our faces.

Aside from the beautifully bassy set that a booking like Minnesota promises, the shows that Symbiotic  Sound and Chicken Young collaborate on are always filled with fun and friendly faces. Their last show, a charity fundraiser that booked Daktyl and Ambassadeurs from the UK, was an incredibly upbeat night, and one I felt honoured to be a part of. The musical inclinations their bookings take are widely popular for the 403 family, and if you haven’t heard of someone on their upcoming events list then you know that you are behind the game on looking them up. Every night spent with these two crews is rife with memorable moments and a full delivery on the promise of new music to add to my ‘Favourites’ playlist.

This epic and melodic night is not to be missed. Grab your tickets here, and take a listen to some Minnesota to get you hyped here. See you Friday!

WORDS: Kiddo

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