Track of the Day: The Boogie Woogie – Will Clarke

After making a highly-coveted Dirtybird debut on DIRTYBIRD 10 alongside veteran Dirtybird Players, Bristol’s own Will Clarke is back with his first single on the label, The Boogie Woogie.

Will Clarke delivers a refined sound that marries the bassed-out beats of Bristol with the tasteful house of Ibiza that results in your head nodding along well beyond your control.

Starting things off strong, ‘The Boogie Woogie’ is a bonafide bouncy groover filled with bit crushed sounds and accentuated by zany vocal samples that will have you doing just as the title suggests. A driving beat punctuated by pristine tambourine hits and claps, coupled with just the right amount of wonky wobbles make this one a sure shot energy boost for those on the dance floor.

Spring time brings about renewal and growth, and Will Clarke delivers the fresh sounds that pairs perfectly. Expect to hear a lot of him on dance floors everywhere this year and beyond!

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