Show Alert! Let’s Go Dancing .02 | Ryan Wells, Sam Demoe, Mateo, Bokeh & Sweet Pickle

Do you like to move your feet and/or body to the sound of music? Would you say that you enjoy partaking in the act of socialising and generally having a good time? Are you a person with ears?

If you cried out “YES” to all (or just one) of the above then we would love to invite you and any other fellow humans whose presence you enjoy to join us at Let’s Go Dancing .02!

Curated by Sam + Mat, LGD is an evening dedicated to the hazy late night summer adventures of past; where friends gather on the dance floor with music that resonates and connects. Keep it simple….

“Where is this taking place and how do I get tickets,” I hear you ask. Well you’re in luck as we have given you enough notice to mark this bad boy in your calendar for June 5th. The Hideaway inside the Waldorf Hotel is where the debauchery will be happening and tickets you can nab right HERE.

Some of our very good friends will be providing said tuneage of the night, in order from shortest to tallest they are: Sam Demoe, Bokeh, Ryan Wells, Mateo and Sweet Pickle.

Visuals provided by Lighthead.

Shoutouts also go to our fellow supporters of this wonderful night of music, me.n.u music, Some Kind of Music Blog, Puff, Urban Ears.


What: Let’s Go Dancing .02

Where: Hideaway / The Waldorf Hotel

When: Friday June 5th 2015

Why: Because- music and babes

How: Tickets

Who: Sam Demoe, Bokeh, Ryan Wells, Mateo and Sweet Pickle.

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