Music Video of the Day: Voodoo – Art of Sleeping

This tune has been on heavy rotation over at Betty and Kora HQ. “Voodoo” is the lead single from Art of Sleeping‘s debut album, Shake Shiver, out July 17. Hailing from sunny Brisbane, Australia, the band have not announced any North American tour dates as of yet, however our fingers and toes are crossed!

Director Nelson Alves sheds some light on the story behind the music video and how the concept came together:

“‘Voodoo’, as the title suggests, is about a girl having some mystical and perhaps sinister power over the protagonist.  After brainstorming with the lead singer, Caleb, I came up with an abstract narrative for the song and the idea of female hands violently slapping Caleb in the face – a good visual metaphor to the key message.  We found a great house in Lugarno in Sydney’s southern suburbs that seemed stuck in time and worked as a perfect backdrop for this slightly distressing narrative. The DOP Kieran Fowler and the rest of the team did a fantastic job in putting all the pieces together.”

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